For anyone who wants to stand up to the phone bill, from Good Finance (your savings tool) and with the help of doctorsim we have decided to give you all the clues so you know how to choose the rate that best suits your needs and not waste your money:

What rate is appropriate?

What rate is appropriate?

First of all, the most appropriate rate is the one that is cheaper for you: Check your rate annually with your company and competitive offers. Call at least once a year.

It is very important to inform you of everything that includes the rate. Many times you hire a rate that seems like a bargain, and when the bill arrives you get a pleasant surprise, seeing that suddenly your bill has risen 40% more than you expected. Find out very well what expenses do not include such as: line fee, VAT, date, cost of call establishment, cost per minute once the limit of the contracted offer, number of paid or free attention … etc.

The cost of canceling a stay is always higher the more the “free” mobile payment has been committed. The only objective is to force him to remain in the operator, without advising the attention due and causing him to go to another as soon as said permanence ends.

It is very important to read the contract carefully

It is very important to read the contract carefully

and know that there are methods to not pay the fine (which normally ranges from € 250 to € 400) if you leave the company before the end of the period of permanence, how? Well, provided that the operator has seriously breached the contract, for example: collection of calls not made, changes in the rate, registration of services without your consent or lack of compliance in the agreed services.

Good Finance is the most used tool for saving and allows you to create a budget by expense category. We recommend you create one with a maximum limit of spending on the phone, in this way the application will notify you when you exceed it and so you can correct yourself in your habits or see if there are new offers that fit you better.

Squeeze the power of FREE messaging and calling apps

Squeeze the power of FREE messaging and calling apps

Thanks to the Internet, today you have a lot of Apps that allow you to write messages unlimitedly, and even call for free as long as the other person also downloads the application.

Skype, Line, Pinger, Tango, BlackBerry Messenger, Google Voice, Facebook Messenger and Viber: Let you talk for free on your mobile. It is true that sometimes depending on your mobile or connection, they may work better or worse, but it is an easy and practical way to save money on calls.

Skype is the best known and most used, since it also allows you to talk via computer for a longer time.

Pinger or the Messenger to talk on the phone on Facebook allow iPhone users to talk to each other for free.

Do not forget to add to these tips the use of Good Finance to control your monthly spending on telephony, and do not forget to give us your opinion, or share any knowledge you have and consider useful to save on the telephone bill!

Good Finance is the free tool that helps you save, organizing where your money is going and advising you how to cut without giving up those whims that give life a taste.

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