February 14 is a perfect pretext to show your partner how much you love her with a small present. And, although there is no specific protocol to choose the best gift, there are certain aspects that you should consider, such as your partner’s tastes, how long they have been together and, of course, your budget. Here are some ideas for cheap gifts for Valentine’s Day according to the time of your relationship.

• 0-3 months When you have not started a relationship for a short time, you should not look very intense, but it is not good that you overlook the details. A perfect gift for these occasions is a bouquet of flowers or chocolates. With this little present you show that special person how much it means to you.

• 3-6 months After several months of relationship you already know more the tastes of your partner, so you can easily tell which is your favorite group or your favorite dessert. For this February 14 you can give him the cake he likes best. Thus, you make him see that you pay attention to details and do not forget what he tells you.

One tip: earn extra points with your partner making the dessert yourself.

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• 6 months – 1 year You may have been with your partner for some time, but this is the first Valentine they spend together. If this is your case, an excellent recommendation is to send a surprise at home. From a breakfast, your favorite meal or just lunch, this detail will make your partner feel special.

• 2 years At this point in their relationship they have probably already lived many experiences together. You may have seen many movies, visited new places or even made a trip. An original gift idea for February 14 is a photo album that recalls every special moment they have lived together. You can do it as a collage, send it to print or design it completely digital.

• 5 years After several years of relationship, the meaning of the gifts changes a bit.

It’s not so much about showing your partner how much you love her, but about making him see how important your relationship is to you. For this stage a homemade romantic dinner is perfect.

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• 10 years Although at this point you probably do not even celebrate February 14 with your partner, it is important that you do not miss the small details. An ideal gift for this day is quality time together: go to the movies, go out to dinner, take a little weekend trip.

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