In fact, comparing different lenders can be quite obvious before taking a loan of any kind. This applies to something a little extra for micro loans.

Although it is a question of a small loan, they do cost a lot and the variation is also very large. If you take a look at mortgages and what the interest rate the big banks have, not much more than 0.02% differentiates between the different options. Then it may be possible to negotiate a bigger difference, but this is something that is difficult to compare in advance.

If you look at private loans, there are two different categories with lenders

If you look at private loans, there are two different categories with lenders

It is the larger lenders that offer loans all the way up to SEK 350,000 and those that lend up to about SEK 50,000. Those who only lend smaller sums also have high interest rates on these loans but d are quite close to each other. For large private loans, lenders always present only an interval when it comes to how much the loan should cost. Therefore, it is difficult to get an accurate picture of what it costs in advance. That is why loan brokers are so good here, for example Lendo.




If you look at micro loans then it is much easier to compare the different lenders as they print exactly what their loan costs in kronor. We also compare quite a few lenders here on the site and when you look at a few different loan sums you quickly see how important it is to compare.

If we start with a loan of SEK 3,000 over a month, it costs SEK 0 from the cheapest lenders. However, this is only an offer for new customers so regular price at the cheapest is SEK 198. The most expensive is SEK 750 which is SEK 552 more to pay for exactly the same. Something you can only say is totally unnecessary. These amounts are before interest deductions.

As a second example, I can take a loan of SEK 10,000 for 90 days. Here those who have the lowest price SEK 1,090 before deductions and those with the highest price SEK 3,200. The difference here is SEK 2,110 which is a lot of money, even a lot of money for exactly the same thing.

These two examples I think show quite quickly how important it is to compare the different lenders before applying for loans. Check out our department for comparison and you will find the lenders we have numbers from.


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