10 Movies That Should Have Their Own Theme Park Attractions

With Thor: Love and Thunder coming out soon and the buzz around the new Guardians of the Galaxy Rolling at Epcot is a very exciting and anticipated time for Disney and Marvel fans. Disney Imagineers are now known for creating some of the most captivating and awe-inspiring additions to Disney parks by bringing this classic Disney magic to life.

It’s safe to say that the Imagineers have already blown fans away with their immense creativity, with rides like Star Wars’ “Rise of the Resistance” or even “Toy Story Mania” hitting Hollywood Studios. However, there are a few fan-favorite Disney movies that don’t yet have their own rides that definitely should.


The Emperor’s New Routine

Yzma and Kronk smile at each other

Considering the film literally included a built-in coaster that dives into Yzma’s lair, it would be obvious to have fun. The Emperor’s New Groove– theme walk. From neon colors to the clear speed it would take to immerse yourself underground, it would be an absolute roller coaster blast.

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Visitors would also find it fun to be able to play Kronk so they can pull their own lever. Plus, once the coaster takes the riders into the lair, they can watch either an animatronic Yzma brew the potions for Kuzco, or even an interactive feature to create potions.


Flynn and Rapunzel holding hands in the canoe at the Lantern Festival

So far, the only reference to the movie on Disney park properties is a Tangled-thematic section with a tower that signals visitors to the park to go to the toilets. But given how adventurous and action-packed the story is, many fans think it would work perfectly as an amazing and immersive 3D attraction at the Disney parks.

The story could be told on a ride similar to the star wars ride “Star Tours” in Hollywood Studios where the ground moves, so every rider can experience what it’s like to ride a horse through the forest or take a canoe ride during the Lantern Festival.

The beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast dance in the ballroom

The The beauty and the Beast-The themed restaurant is pretty exciting, but if park goers had an actual ride that visited one of the best castles in Disney animation, that would be even better. There are many paths Imagineers could take to design an exciting ride, but a “Haunted Mansion” style ride might be the answer.

Any fan of the film knows how massive and luxurious the Beast’s castle is, so a ride that takes viewers through the castle would be nothing short of spectacular. Even better if there were animatronics doing a dance number for “Be Our Guest” or watching one of the real life movie scenes would be a real treat.


Moana high-five an ocean wave

With Moana being one of the newer Disney stories set near and even in the ocean, setting up a water ride makes sense. After all, with California and Orlando being hot all year round, it almost has to happen at some point.

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According Inside the magicDisney Imagineers are expected to plan a scene, Moana-an Epcot-themed walkthrough called “Journey Of Water”, however, a real ride could deepen the story. Although Disney lovers would be delighted to see Moana reference in parks, the possibilities of water rides are endless with this fun story.


Atlantis characters watching nature

While it’s great that Disney has already incorporated the film into various cruises and resorts, Atlantis is an underrated gem and it would be fantastic to see some kind of benchmark in the parks too. Perhaps a ride similar to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” experience where riders can float on boats and take in all the sights of Atlantis.

Additionally, a creative touch could be added by illuminating part of the water to show the underwater kingdom up close and personal. Park-goers might also see the film being perfect for a ride on the water, which no one will complain about on those hot, sunny days.


disney hercules

With high-energy songs, action-packed scenes and lovable characters, it’s surprising that Disney Hercules has not yet become an attraction. The mythologically inspired story is a perfect fit for a classic dark ride or even a roller coaster ride.

Riders can follow the journey of Hercules on his quest to become a hero, traveling through ancient Greece and delving into the dark depths of the underworld. Not only would it be reminiscent of rides such as the Haunted Mansion, but Hades, one of Disney’s best animated villains, would be a great addition as an animatronic. His quick wit and sense of humor combined with his fiery temper can be both hilarious and awe-inspiring to watch. The ride could end on Mount Olympus, in a magical scene full of Greek gods, which may be akin to the Splash Mountain finale.


Wall-E standing on a litter and looking at the sky

There’s a lot of potential with Pixar Wall-E, especially if the attraction was placed at Epcot. Like the movie, the ride could use some fun ways to tell fans why it’s necessary to take care of our planet.

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It could be a 3D experience that takes riders on an immersive journey that details the importance of keeping our planet clean and vibrant, and how the future depends on it. The potentially fun attraction would work especially well with rides like “Living With The Land” and “Spaceship Earth” that take viewers on an educational journey through history and motivate park-goers to save the Earth.


Miguel and Hector traveling through the colorful country

coconut is yet another surprisingly popular Pixar movie that immediately took the world by storm, especially since a Disney movie is guaranteed to bring viewers to tears. From its unique cultural perspective on the Mexican holiday Día de Los Muertos, also known as Day of the Dead, to the vivid imagery, there’s no doubt this could be an interesting attraction at any of the Disney parks.

Specifically, such a ride would fit in pretty well with Epcot, bringing not only cultural significance to the table, but also a ton of fun, especially around the time of Mickey’s Halloween party. It would be a good idea if the ride was similar to the “Seven Dwarfs Mine Train” ride where park goers can go through various scenes, but also have a dark part of the attraction where the bright colors, animatronics and culture la music can really thrive.

lilo and stitch

Lilo and Stitch on one "Space adventure" stroll

Although the popular animated film once had a Magic Kingdom ride called “Stitch’s Great Escape”, it wasn’t long before the ride was taken down, as it was known to scare many children with its surprisingly horrifying imagery. . However, a Lil0 & Stitch-themed attraction is sorely lacking, so maybe a fast-paced roller coaster that blasts “Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride” or an immersive space-themed experience would work well in line with “Space Mountain”.

The ride might feel like the same type of feeling as the star wars “Rise Of The Resistance” ride, where riders could invade the spaceship and be chased away by guards while being shot at with laser beams and other galactic weapons. Or it could look like “Smuggler’s Run,” where the riders are in charge of the spaceship’s controls as they travel the galaxy to rescue Stitch from enemies.


Mickey Mouse floating in water on a book

As one of the first classic Disney movies that are still adored to this day, a Fancy rolling would be such a fun and complete time to introduce history to a whole new generation. With the film’s vivid and creative visuals, there are so many opportunities for a fun attraction in its name.

For example, a 4D cinematic experience would create such a fun atmosphere that would stand out from more ordinary 3D rides. Just imagining a ride similar to “Soarin'” at Epcot that would take riders on a journey through the movie’s most epic moments, fully immersing riders in the world via smells and even splashes of water. would be something all Disney fans would cherish.

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