A possible indication of the price of the Disney World Annual Pass?


credit: Disney

While playing on the My Disney Experience app, we noticed something new! Is this perhaps an indication of the new pricing of the Annual Pass for Walt Disney World?

When Disneyland announced the return of annual passes earlier this month, they assured us that the announcement of Disney World passes would arrive! The passes will be available in time for the 50th anniversary of Magic kingdom to October 1, 2021. But what about the tariffs?

Annual passes temporarily unavailable

The Disneyland and Disney World annual passes have been not for sale during closing period for one or the other park. For disney world, you could continue your pass holder status and even renew your pass, but they are still do not sell new Annual Passes.

Credit: Disney

A few months ago, if you had a WDW Annual Pass that expired during the closing period or that you canceled due to pandemic, you could ask for the possibility of purchasing another pass.

According to reports from various potential pass holders, this the practice has been stopped while the new passes are unfolding.

Credit: Marisol

On the other hand, the Disneyland Passholder program was completely dissolved and the former pass holders were given legacy status. The inheritance status allowed them to continue to receive discounts on goods.

The return of the PA

As stated above, parks on both coasts have committed to restart their Annual Pass program.

We saw some major changes in the types of passes available on the west coast, and the price was higher than before.

Credit: Disney

A clue on possible prices?

More than Walt disney world, an official announcement with dates and prices for Annual Passes a not released yet.


However, today we noticed something in the My Disney Experience app:

Screenshot of Rebecca from the MDE app

The connect connects to a page that says Access points are not currently available. What we knew, of course, but the the price is both new and confusing tome.

Credit: Monique

Last month, our Platinum Plus annual passes expired and needed to be renewed. Disney no longer sells water park access points of any kind, so we downgraded to platinum when renewing. My renewal (Rebecca) cost over $ 1000. so what will it be from $ 849?

Keep in mind the only passes available for out-of-state guests were Platinum (and the Platinum Plus now unavailable).

credit: disney

Before the pandemic, Platinum passes cost $ 1,195 for outside guests, with a renewal rate of $ 951 before tax. This is the price that I (Rebecca) believe we paid last month for renewal.

Florida resident

Curious to see if this The price of $ 849 was referring to out-of-state or as state guests, I asked a blog friend what is its application told him they would start with. She has a Florida Silver AP resident. Its application looked like this, this morning:

Credit: Friend of the blog screenshot from MDE

So, given that we know the price of annual passes for Florida residents before the pandemic, we can see that the $ 439 quoted to my friend is in line with what its Silver renewal should be under the old price structure.

Price / renewal rate of resident PAs before the pandemic (before taxes)

Silver $ 539 / $ 441
Gold $ 719 / $ 594
Main course $ 899 / $ 764

So does this mean that disney world pass will be similar price to their old price? I hope so !

Credit: Jamie F

usually Disney has raised AP prices once a year, but a few years ago there was 2 price increases between when I bought and when I renewed. So we have seen a lot of price increases.

What do you think? Is this a system issue or are they preparing to deploy the access points? Let us know in the comments on Facebook.

-Rebecca W Davis


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