A Walt Disney World bus involved in an accident, the windshield shattered

Last night, a Walt Disney World transport bus was involved in a car accident, resulting in a shattered windshield.

Credit: Inside the Magic

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Walt Disney World buses typically transport Guests to and from Disney Resort hotels and theme parks, as well as Disney Springs.

Unfortunately, even in the most magical place on earth, accidents can happen. And last night, a Walt Disney World transport bus was involved in a car accident, along with another car.

Disney World Buses
Credit: Disney

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According to Justin Sharifipour, a car was on the side at the intersection of N World Dr and Seven Seas Dr. A Disney World bus was next:

Car on its side of intersection of N World Dr and Seven Seas. Disney Transpo bus next door. Traffic slowly enters and exits MK.

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In a follow-up tweet from Justin, the Walt Disney World bus had a shattered windshield.

Clumsy bus, broken bus windshield. Warning tape around the bus.

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This Park Place was also near the scene, sharing the following photo and information:

Breaking: Disney World bus accident involving an SUV

Even at Walt Disney World, sometimes things go wrong. In the transport case today, a bus driver and a tourist in an SUV collided.

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At this time it is not known if anyone has been injured or treated for injuries, but emergency services have been reported to the scene. There are currently no public injury reports, but Inside the Magic will let you know as soon as we have any information.

We hope everyone involved in this accident is doing well and safe.

Herman C. Harkins