ACE family accused of lying about ticket sales for Family Fest event

The ACE Family are accused of rigging the number of tickets they sold for their upcoming event, ACE Family Fest, which they claim sold out completely.

Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz, the faces of The ACE Family YouTube channel, began selling tickets on April 9 for their ACE Family Fest event. Austin and Catherine teased the event as a “mix of Disneyland and Coachella.”

The event is scheduled for July 9, and according to their official websitewas completely exhausted.

Although the ACE family claims to have sold both the VIP pass and the club pass, a YouTuber claims that the ACE family is lying about how many tickets they sold.

YouTube: The ACE Family

The ACE family has over 18.9 million subscribers on YouTube.

YouTuber claims ACE Family lied about sold-out event

YouTuber Mad Catster released a video on April 12 explaining why they think ACE Family Fest is a “scam.”

In the video, Catster shows that his friend had added one million Club Pass and VIP Pass tickets to his basket, which then revealed the total number of tickets available.

At press time, there were thousands of tickets available for purchase across both tiers. The website revealed nearly 4,000 Club passes remain, along with more than 7,500 VIP passes. A few hours later, the event indicated that both Passes were completely sold out.

ace of family ticket sales
YouTube: Mad Catster

YouTubers MadCatster claims ACE Family lied about how many tickets they sold for ACE Family Fest.

Catster also claims the event is a “failure” overall and the number of tickets they actually sold simply cannot support the grand scale of the event they are heading to.

With the event fast approaching, only time will tell if the event is real and how many people actually bought tickets.

Herman C. Harkins