BRITTO PALACE Tour Tops ‘Five Stars’ for Aventura Marketing Council/Chamber of Commerce Members

“It was a real honor to welcome the members of the Aventura Marketing Council / Chamber of Commerce to the BRITTO Palace, and I was proud to share part of my career as a South Floridian, hoping to inspire all through my art.” Romero Britto

Aventura was fortunate to know and work with internationally renowned artist Romero Britto. From the beautiful Britto-designed tile walls that adorn the entrance walls of Aventura City of Excellence K-8 School (ACES) and Don Soffer Aventura High School, Adventurers have plenty to be thankful for. . Aventura Mayor Enid Weisman says: ‘Romero Britto is screaming’miami’! No artist has ever captured the spirit of our tropical paradise more than Romero Britto. The atmosphere, the energy, the colors, the movement all say Miami. Its heart beats to the rhythm of our City. But even more important than his art is his humanity and his philanthropy. Thank you, Raul Fadel, for connecting our city to this most incredible human being. We need more love in this world and you can’t help but feel Romero’s passion every time you see his art. “

Iberia Tile partner Raul Fadel, who first brought Britto to ACES, had another

Romero Britto

great idea for members of the Aventura Marketing Council / Chamber of Commerce (AMC) Chairman’s Roundtable – a tour of the BRITTO Palace. Britto, the world’s most licensed artist, comes up with ideas for new products, produces and tests them at BRITTO Palace with his team, and ships products worldwide from there. Fadel said: “The BRITTO Palace is a unique place with so many interesting things to see… just a unique experience. When we had the opportunity to share this incredible adventure with our fellow AMC Roundtable members, we did not hesitate to do so. Romero is not only a great artist, but also a great host, and we were sure everyone would love to visit the Palace. We at Iberia Tiles are delighted with our partnership with Romero and very proud to be a member of the AMC Roundtable.

The BRITTO Palace is not open to the general public and the CMA Roundtable members understood what a very special event this would be. They were eager to meet this iconic artist whose work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in over 100 countries. Britto’s Happy Art has lent itself to numerous collaborations with international brands such as NetDragon Websoft, Audi, Bentley, Coco-Cola, Pepsi, Walt Disney, Universal Pictures, Evian, Hublot, Invicta, Carnival Cruise Lines and Hasbro.

All of this incredible artwork and international reach coming from a young boy, one of twelve children, born in Recife, Brazil. Art was her way of expressing happiness even though her youth was spent in poverty. Her mission became to share happiness across the world through her art. And happiness is exactly what Romero Britto has brought to presidents, popes, legendary film and stage artists, and more than 250 charities across the country over the years.

Aventura Mayor Enid Weisman, Vice Mayor Denise Landman, Commissioner Billy Joel, City Manager Ron Wasson, Deputy City Manager Bryan Pegues and Police Chief Michael Bentolila enjoyed this very special event sponsored by Iberia Tile. Miami-Dade Commissioner Sally Heyman attended, along with Sunny Isles Beach Mayor Dana Goldman and El Portal Mayor Omarr.

Nickerson. Longtime friends and Britto collectors, Ron Book and his daughter, Florida Senator Lauren Book, also enjoyed a most spectacular afternoon that ended with an excellent lunch from Paul Kruss of Mo’s Bagels. Ron Book said, “Romero is quite simply one of the finest human beings we have ever known. Although he is best known as one of the great pop artists of that era, we consider him Brazil’s gift to South Florida and the United States. He is a true philanthropist. He is a giver and has made such a difference, children, the homeless, the arts, education, the world of individuals with unique abilities……..he just keeps giving back. He believes that “to those we give a lot, we expect a lot”, and he lives this every day. Commissioner Heyman added: “BRITTO Palace captures all the remarkable talent of Romero Britto. It is literally a place of happiness featuring a remarkable artist.

Comments immediately poured into the AMC office: “Romero Britto is so humble, so thoughtful, so talented, he is someone unique!”, “A life-changing experience!”, “Absolutely the BEST round table ever!” , “Incredible!”, “I couldn’t believe my eyes, it’s fabulous!” and the one word everyone kept saying, “Wow!”

For more information, BRITTO Palace 305.531.8821; or 305.932.5334

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