California 7-Eleven considered ‘the luckiest in the world’ to buy a lottery ticket

The Mega Millions earnings still stood at $1.05 billion as of Friday afternoon after several weeks of inconsistent numbers. According CAS NEWS, there’s a 7-Eleven gas station in Chino Hills located just outside Disneyland that bills itself as the “luckiest 7-Eleven in the world”. The store is known for selling the largest batch of lottery tickets in American history six years ago. They are so confident in this title that a sign hangs above the counter inside the store that details their reputation for all to see.

Hoping to try their luck to win a colossal sum of money, Californians queuing outside the store to buy what could be a winning ticket.

“It’s the lucky store, so I hope it becomes lucky for me too”, Vish Josai Told CAS NEWS after buying a ticket at the convenience store. CAS NEWS mentioned that the odds of winning the $1.05 billion in the Friday night draw are one in 300 million. A few lucky winners purchased a winning 7-Eleven ticket in 2016 with winnings totaling $1.6 billion.

“Every time the jackpot goes up, a lot of my neighbors come to buy tickets. Even people from other cities come here, people even come from Las Vegas to play here,” the 7-Eleven store owner said. Balbir Atwal share.

The Mega Millions draw for $1.05 billion will take place Friday night at 8:00 p.m. PST.

Herman C. Harkins