Cast members can make or break your Disney vacation, have the COVID-19 measures and recent changes taken their toll?

Disney Cast Members are renowned the world over for always adding sparkle, always providing the best customer service and always putting the guest first.

My experience of Disney cast members at Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris has never been the best and their interactions have always made our days in the park better. We left each vacation with a smile on our face and warmth in our hearts thanks to them.

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck in March 2020, many measures have had to be put in place to ensure the safety of actors and guests in the parks. Masks have been the big deal for many guests, and it was often the cast members who took the brunt of some guests’ annoyance of having to wear them.

The smiles of the cast members often had to be replaced with frowns as they harassed people to put on masks over and over again. And let’s be honest, there are no smiles with face masks, although anyone looking on the positive side would say you can still see a smile in your eyes. Also, keep in mind that until recently, Cast Members had to wear masks all day as well, which had to be extremely exhausting for them.

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It’s not just the COVID-19 restrictions, but guests are now using Genie + and with a lot of other additional frustrations in the parks compared to two years ago, we ask the question, cast members can do or breaking your Disney vacation, having COVID- Have 19 recent measures and changes taken their toll?


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We understand that some guests may unfortunately have had a bad experience with a Disney Cast member and we know for sure that thousands of people would be able to report amazing and positive interactions with them. The question we’re asking you is, over the past couple of years, do you think the measures they’ve had to take due to COVID-19 and the recent changes with Fastpass have taken their toll on Disney Cast Members. Here are your options:

  • No – The cast members are as brilliant as they’ve ever been
  • On time – I have noticed this on some occasions
  • Yes – definitive change in the attitude of Cast Members

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Herman C. Harkins