Customers desperately want more from Disney World

If you’ve been to Disney Parks or any other amusement park, chances are you or someone in your party will need to go to the bathroom while waiting in line for an attraction.

This can be a problem, especially in a line that waits over an hour. What’s worse is that you’ll most likely get angry looks or comments when you or your party try to get back to your place in the queue. Luckily, as one Reddit user pointed out, that’s not really an issue anymore in the Avatar Flight of Passage queue at Disney World.

Avatar Flight of Passage is one of many experiences in Pandora – The World of Avatar, located in Animal Kingdom. Pandora is a land that celebrates the magic of nature, and on the Avatar Flight of Passage attraction, guests will experience the beautiful landscape of Pandora as they fly on a 3D winged mountain banshee.

Credit: Twitter user @ThatDisneyBoi

User Able-Locksmith-13 recently took to Reddit to discuss the toilets in the Avatar Flight of Passage queue:

I love that Flight of Passage has restrooms halfway through the line and other rides definitely need to start doing that.

They also commented:

I hate having to step out of line for myself or a little one with me. They’re normally good enough to let us in, but the simple fix of adding a toilet somewhere in the walkthrough would fix that.

Edit: Universal even has a drink stand on the Harry Potter bank ride and a store in the train queue. Little things like this make the wait so much more bearable and more parks need to start implementing them.

A rare find at Disney parks, these queuing restrooms provide much-needed relief for Guests. Several reviewers agreed, whether they have children who need to use the toilet, or if someone in their group has IBS or another health condition, having a toilet is extremely helpful. nearby in case of emergency. Some reviewers have even noted that for other rides with long wait times they use their DAS (Disability Access Services) pass, which can help them bypass longer queues so they don’t have to don’t have to wait too long.

Credit: ITM

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This is why some reviewers feel that having toilets in queues on larger rides or rides with longer wait times, such as Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Guardians of the Galaxy or Indiana Jones Adventure should be the norm, as wait times can often be over an hour.

While this is a great idea, some may worry about skipping the line and getting angry stares from others, especially since line skipping is a common problem at Disney parks. However, in this queue, the risk can be reduced, because the toilets are right next to the queue and you don’t have to walk from the back of the queue to join your group. Additionally, Cast Members may also be available to help you reclaim your place in line if needed.

What do you think of these extra toilets in the queue for Avatar Flight of Passage? What other attractions should be added?

Herman C. Harkins