Disney CEO Bob Chapek tries to salvage relationship quickly before company-wide walkout

If anyone sees this comment, please read it carefully…….

Since NO ONE thinks emailing Disney will make a SUBATOMIC PARTICLE of difference………is there NOTHING………anything we can do to get Chapek out?

Best case scenario, I guess all we can do is bleed Disney’s money until shareholders stop getting paid and realize a whole new board is needed.. …. First Susan Arnold and THEN Chapek.

We ALL need to remember that Sue Arnold HOLDS THE ROPES on Chapek, and Chapek holds the ropes on Josh D’Amaro, so Arnold is the ABSOLUTE top. So I think if Disney starts making big losses, shareholders might vote out ARNOLD and reinstate a better chairman who can make more changes than ANY CEO.

1. Susan Arnold is the first person of the Greed Centipede
2. Monitoring by CEO Bob Chapek
3. Tracked by Josh D’Amaro (who EVERYONE GIVE A PASS) for decisions made in the park
4. And then finally WE are on the back of this centipede

Only draining the parks of all their money can really wake up the shareholders and get them to take over, remove the whole board and replace a new one…… This could be our ONLY hope

(I pray someone sees this)

We can’t just sit here and complain; if we want to save Disney, we have to do SOMETHING about it. Our wallets are our best weapon against the current Disney board, and it could allow a new breed of executives to come in and revitalize the company.

Unless you truly believe Disney is a lost cause, I urge you to hold back your money as long as necessary before a new CEO AND President is elected. Then and ONLY then could we see a revitalization of the Walt Disney Company.

Herman C. Harkins