Disney is selling a $110,000 private jet tour of its 12 global theme parks

  • Disney is selling a 24-day private jet tour of its 12 global theme parks starting at $109,995 per person.
  • Passengers are to travel aboard a “VIP-configured” Boeing 757 with stopovers in Japan, China, India, Egypt and France.
  • They will enjoy private tours of the parks and the Disney Museum and Archives, the company announced Wednesday.

Disney is selling a 24-day private jet tour of its 12 global theme parks starting at $109,995 per person.

The luxury trip, titled Disney Parks Around The World — A Private Jet Adventure, is limited to 75 passengers and will depart in July 2023, the company announced Wednesday.

Passengers are to travel on what Disney described as a “VIP-configured” Boeing 757-200, converted from 233 seats to 75 leather seats in a two-by-two formation. On the ground, passengers will split into small groups and travel in cars and “luxury” minibuses and coaches, Disney said.

Guests will be accompanied by tour guides, a doctor and a crew of 14, including a chef. The trip will be hosted by Becky Cline, director of the Walt Disney Archives.

Guests will visit Disney’s US locations in Anaheim, San Francisco and Orlando, and its international parks in Tokyo, Japan; Shanghai, China; Hong Kong; Agra, India; Cairo, Egypt; and Paris, France.

The base cost of $109,995 for the trip works out to almost $4,600 per day. The median annual income of American households in 2020 was $67,521, according to the Census Bureau.

The trip includes private tours of the parks, the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco and the Walt Disney Archives in Anaheim, Disney said. Travelers will be able to visit select parks before they open and get VIP viewing points for evening fireworks, Disney said.

Guests will also visit the Taj Mahal in India, the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt and the Eiffel Tower in France. Optional activities throughout the trip include wine tasting, private cooking lessons, and a tour of the French countryside.

The tour includes 68 meals, some of which are on board the private jet. Some alcohols are included in the trip.

The tour begins in Los Angeles on July 9, 2023 and ends in Orlando on August 1, 2023.

The minimum age for travel is 12 and children pay the same fare as adults.

Herman C. Harkins