Disney World ticket prices have jumped almost 4,000% in 50 years

“The most magical place on earth” could also be one of the most expensive, according to a new report.

According to a UK-based data tracking company, Walt Disney World tickets have jumped almost 4,000% in the past 50 years! Meanwhile, day-to-day expenses like rent and gas have increased by less than 1,000% over the same period.

A TikTok video from @piechartpirate recently went viral after showing an animated infographic showing the increase in theme park tickets since Disney World opened in 1971.

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“I remember going to Disney for spring break in 1989. My Florida resident ticket was $19,” a Disney fan commented on the video.

Others have argued that even though prices have risen, the chart does not take into account company growth or inflation.

“Honestly, that chart doesn’t say much. It doesn’t say how much more they’re spending, how many employees they’ve added. Nothing.”

“You shouldn’t draw conclusions from this chart. Does it adjust for inflation? Salaries and gas prices in what area? So many factors are not taken into account.”

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As of August 2022, a one-day theme park ticket to Walt Disney World is $109. In 1971, when the park opened, tickets were $3.50.

AllEars.net reports the The last time Disney ticket prices were under $100 was in 2014, when they cost between $94 and $99.

According to an online study by Koala, a company that helps travelers connect to timeshare rentals, a ticket to Disney will cost a guest $253.20 in 2031.

Herman C. Harkins