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Disneyland has raised prices for most single and multi-day tickets after admission costs remained unchanged during the initial six-month phased reopening from an extended COVID-19 closure of the theme park at Disneyland. ‘Anaheim.

Ticket prices for Disneyland and Disney California Adventure increased an average of 6% on Monday, October 25, with some single park, parkhopper and multi-day tickets climbing more than 8%. The cheapest day ticket for a park remained unchanged from 2019 at $ 104.

A sixth tier has been added to Disneyland’s old five tier pricing system – dropping the maximum price of a day ticket for a single park from $ 154 to $ 164 and the most expensive parkhopper ticket in $ 209 to $ 224.

Day and Park ticket prices increased from 0% to 8.1%: Level 1 ($ 104), Level 2 ($ 119), Level 3 ($ 134), Level 4 ($ 149), Level 5 ($ 159) and level 6 ($ 164).

Parkhopper Tickets increased 3.1% to 8.4%: Level 1 ($ 164), Level 2 ($ 179), Level 3 ($ 194), Level 4 ($ 209), Level 5 ($ 219) and level 6 ($ 224). Parkhopper tickets give access to both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure on the same day.

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Multi-day tickets saw similar peaks. Tickets for a two-day park have increased to $ 255 (from $ 235) while tickets for two days have increased to $ 315 (from $ 290). Three-day tickets now cost $ 330 for a single park per day and $ 390 for the parkhopper.

Daily theme park parking rates have also increased from $ 25 to $ 30. Self-parking at the three Disneyland Resort hotels has also been increased from $ 25 to $ 40. Valet parking at the hotel has gone from $ 35 to $ 50.

Disneyland did not increase ticket prices when Anaheim theme parks reopened on April 30 after a 412-day coronavirus shutdown. Disneyland last increased ticket and annual pass prices in February 2020.

Since 2000, the price of admission to Disneyland has nearly quadrupled from $ 43 to $ 164, the new day ticket price on the park’s busiest days.

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With the latest increases, Disneyland continues to use ticket pricing to manage attendance and allocate visits from peak periods to slower times of the year.

Beginning in 2016, Disneyland switched to a demand-based pricing system with tickets divided into “value”, “regular” and “peak” days. Disneyland has moved from a three-tier to a five-tier pricing system in 2020. The new tier 1-6 system brings Disney closer to a dynamic pricing model designed to distribute visitors throughout the year. – from the busiest days during high season to slower days off season. Disney Parks will use Level 1 pricing on the slowest days of the year and Level 6 pricing on the busiest days.

The first days of Level 6 pricing should not appear on the Disneyland and DCA calendars until March 2022.

Increases in Disney ticket prices usually have a ripple effect, with theme parks like Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and Knott’s Berry Farm increasing admissions soon after to keep pace with the industry leader.

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