Disneyland raises ticket prices for fifth time in five years


Disneyland is raising ticket prices for the fifth time in five years. And with the increase in prices, not only a new level, but also more expensive parking. This is all done in the hope that Disney can recoup some of the money lost during the pandemic and keep crowds at more consistent rates throughout the year.

Last week, Disneyland announced that it was increasing the price of most of its tickets in an effort to switch the theme park completely to aggressive pricing, according to Mercury News. This means that while the base ticket price remains unchanged for off-peak park tours, the price of all other tickets increases to help put this change into effect.

Instead of having five tier prices that change depending on whether it’s summer, whether it’s a weekend or whether it’s during the holiday season, depending KTLA, there are now six levels. The sixth tier is not expected to go into effect until March 2022, and to date no posts have been released for this period.

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The new ticket prices, according to the publication, for one day tickets are as follows:

  • Level one: $ 104
  • Level two: $ 119
  • Level three: $ 134
  • Level four: $ 149
  • Level five: $ 159
  • Level six: $ 164

For Parkhopper tickets, the price increase for going from park to park in one day is

  • Level 1: $ 164
  • Level two: $ 179
  • Level three: $ 194
  • Level four: $ 209
  • Level five: $ 219
  • Level six: $ 224

Customers who wish to visit the park for several days have also seen their ticket prices increase, as those who choose to go to a two-day park now pays $ 255 from $ 235 and Parkhoppers for the same period has grown to $ 315 from $ 290.

And, for those who want the three day park experience, these tickets also increased by $ 330 and $ 390 being the prices for a single park and the Parkhopper, respectively.

Unfortunately, according to Mercury News, the parking prices have also increased to $ 30 for those going to Disneyland for the day. For those who park in hotels, this rate has increased from $ 25 to $ 40 per day.

With the increase in prices, the theme park hopes to spread guest attendance throughout the year in order to keep numbers more constant. This contrasts with the fact that there are quieter periods in winter, when it is cooler and no special events occur or overcrowding in summer. Prices are also higher during the holidays, when all the Disney parks are decorated, there is more free time, and people want to attend special events.

After removing annual passports, Disneyland introduced the Magic Key program this year, according to KTLA. It’s basically the same thing, but with four different prices depending on how often people plan to visit the park and where they live. But perhaps in anticipation of an upcoming price hike, the magic key at the high end of the pricing tier that allows people to visit the park at their leisure has been exhausted. As such, all that’s left is to buy magic keys with blackout dates throughout the year.

It is not known how much the additional tickets to Disneyland will cost. However, as long as people keep paying, there is no incentive for the Disney company to stop the price increases and work on their bottom line instead.

Source: Mercury News, KTLA

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