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Disneyland reopened to the public on April 30, but with a few ground rules. For now, only California residents in groups of no more than three households can visit, but even when this qualifier is lifted on June 15, all guests will need to have tickets valid for the days they choose to travel to the park. , according to a new ticketing system. In February 2020, a month before Disneyland closed its doors to the public due to the pandemic, the park changed its ticket price levels, introducing a tiered structure.

The tiered system is in place for day park tickets and day park hoppers only (so if you are purchasing a two to five day ticket the tiers are not applicable). Some calendar dates during your ideal visit may be blocked at the lowest price, which means purchasing a higher tier ticket – AKA more expensive -. Level 5, the most expensive, is the option that includes weekend days, but also gives customers the freedom to visit any other day of the week. Next, Levels 1-4 each contain a selection of booking dates for guests, with availability becoming increasingly limited as the number of levels lowers (for exact dates visit the Disneyland ticketing page) . While some of these dates overlap between tiers, a tier 1 ticket is the cheapest option of the five.

Information on Disneyland ticket prices for adults and children

Ticket type Adult (one park per day) Adult park hopper Child (One Park Per Day) Playpen hopper for children
One day (level 1) $ 104 $ 159 $ 98 $ 153
One day (level 2) $ 114 $ 169 $ 108 $ 163
One day (level 3) $ 124 $ 179 $ 117 172 $
One day (level 4) $ 139 $ 194 $ 132 $ 187
One day (level 5) $ 154 $ 209 $ 146 $ 201
Two days $ 235 $ 290 $ 220 $ 275
Three days $ 310 $ 365 $ 290 $ 345
Four days $ 340 $ 395 $ 320 $ 375
Five days $ 360 $ 415 $ 340 $ 395

Another way the levels come into play is for guests who need to reschedule unused tickets previously purchased for a date the park was closed during the pandemic. Thanks to extended ticket expiration dates, you can rebook as long as the new date is available in your unused ticket tier (identify your day ticket tier by looking at either the lower right corner of your ticket). ‘a printed ticket, or at the top of a mobile ticket).

For example, if you have an unused level 5 ticket, you can make your reservation now for the day of your choice. If you hold a level 2-4 ticket, you will need to choose an available date in the applicable level. If you hold a Level 1 ticket, you will not be able to book your tour until July 1 or later. Ticket upgrades may be available if you find that your level is inconsistent with the new date you wish to visit the park by speaking to Guest Relations.

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