Disney’s Castaway Cay Grand Cabana Tour

On my last cruise, I had the opportunity to experience the “Grand Cabana” on Disney’s Castaway Cay and, in fact, it was my first time using a cabana. In all my past cruises I had never been able to find one available so this was a great opportunity to see her first hand so I could share her with our family of DCL fans!

The Grand Cabana at Castaway Cay is cabana number 21 and is located at the end of the row of cabanas on the Family Beach side of the island. The Grand Cabana has the same general amenities as the others, except it’s about twice the size of a regular cabana. The current price for this particular cabin is approximately $1062.88 for the day for up to 10 people. The hut can accommodate up to 16 people in total. For each guest beyond the first 10, there is an additional $50 per person. It’s important to remember that prices are subject to change, so always check with your Dreams Unlimited Travel agent or Disney Cruise Line directly for current prices.

Upon entering the cabana you are greeted with plenty of seating in the indoor and outdoor areas. We had a total of 8 people in our party and we had plenty of room to spread out in this spacious cabin. The left inboard side featured lounge seating for 7 people as well as a small bench that could accommodate an additional 1-2 people. The right side of the interior space featured a dining table that comfortably accommodated 8 people. The interior space could easily accommodate up to 16 people should you need shelter for a passing downpour.

The side areas of the hut were almost a mirror image of each other, with both sides featuring a refrigerator stocked with soft drinks, water, a fruit platter, and chilled washcloths. The chilled washcloths were one of my favorite parts and were so refreshing after being out in the sun. The soft drink selection included coke, diet coke, sprite, and sprite zero. The left side of the hut additionally had a snack basket with assorted fries and trail mix bars as well as plenty of sunscreen.

Both sides of the interior area included a basket of beach towels, a closet with extra towels, and a safe (for a total of 2 safes in the Grand Cabana.)

There is a touchscreen where you can choose from 3 different music channels as well as adjust the speaker volume. Your music choices are: Castaway Cay Music, Sounds of Hawaii and Senses Spa music. Above you will find ceiling fans to help provide air circulation if there is no breeze.

The view from the outside deck of the cabin was stunning. This area of ​​the beach was quite empty when we visited. Other than our party, I only saw 4-6 other people in that area all day. Being the last hut on the family beach, it was very peaceful as it is further away from the main part of the family beach. Obviously, this experience may vary from cruise to cruise, but we were grateful for such a peaceful and beautiful day. The water was quite shallow at this end of the beach and as the tide went out it was hard to find places to cover up with water.

The outside deck has a total of 4 full lounge chairs, 2 lounge chair style lounge chairs, and (my favorite) a hammock. Between the indoor and outdoor seating area, there was plenty of room for a large group to fully enjoy the cabana. I found the loungers comfortable but ended up spending most of my day in the hammock. Sun loungers can be rearranged if needed.

As you walk down the stairs to the beach you have your own shower and foot wash on the landing so you can rinse off the sand before returning to your cabana as well as 2 sets of sand toys. Located on the side of the hut, you will find several rafts and tubes that you can use during your visit. If there aren’t enough rafts or tubes available next to your hut, there is an area further down the beach where you can grab additional tubes and rafts. Included in your cabin rental, you also have access to bicycles and snorkel gear, but they must be collected from the rental locations. Inside you will find a private area with curtains if you want to change clothes during the day without having to go to the bathroom.

My general thoughts on the hut

Since this was my first time using a cabin, I thought I’d share my general thoughts on renting a cabin in Castaway Cay. As a guest at this cabin, I can see why renting a cabin is the ultimate relaxing Castaway Cay experience.

The fact that I have never rented a cabin before is only because they are incredibly hard to find. Cabins are usually booked quickly by those staying through the onboard concierge. This makes sense because cabin attendants are crew members who take care of the concierge area aboard your ship. Even if you are unable to reserve a cabin before your trip departs, check in with guest services as they maintain a waiting list in case someone cancels their reservation.

We were looked after with care and assistance was only a push of a button away. A member of the bar staff often came by to see if anyone needed a drink. When we were ready to go to lunch or return to the ship, a golf cart came to take us to our destination. It was great to be dropped off directly at the bridge to the ship after a long day without even having to get on a tram.

Before this experience, I had also never visited the family beach. I found this part of the beach to be as serene and calm as Serenity Bay and found the sand to be less rocky. Any of the shacks along this area would be a great spot. After seeing the location of the Cabanas in Serenity Bay, I feel that the ones in the family beach have a less obstructed view and more direct access to the beach than those in Serenity Bay.

What do you think of the cabins at Castaway Cay? Are they a “must do” for your trip or just a pleasure to have? Let us know your thoughts!

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