Disney’s New Home Decor Costs MORE Than a 4-Day Park Ticket

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We love keeping tabs on the latest Disney releases, even if it’s a little over our budget.

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Not all Disney memorabilia is likely to break the bank, but lately we’ve seen $600 plushies, $600 Minnie ears, and a shoe collection that would cost $7,000 if you bought them all. Disney recently released new fine art online this joins the list of big ticket items and rightly so – let’s check it out!

Most people expect limited edition artwork to be expensive, so maybe the price of these pieces won’t be too shocking. Each of the paintings below are new to shopDisneyhand-signed and numbered, and a bit pricey.

We will start with the illustrations of Jared Franco. The Canvas Winnie the Pooh and his balloon can be purchased now for $600.


This is a limited edition with only 195 copies, includes a certificate of authenticity and measures 30″H x 20″W. So if you really like Pooh Bear this might be a cool item in limited edition for you.

Click here to buy the art of the bear and his balloon

Seven Dwarfs fans can grab the Climbin’ for Diamonds Canvas Artwork for $600.


It shows each of the dwarves stacked on top of each other, trying to grab all the diamonds and gems. This is a limited edition piece of 195, comes with a certificate of authenticity, and measures 48″ H x 12″ W. They are not often in the spotlight on merchandise or artwork, so this one is pretty cool to see!

Click here to grab the Climbin’ for Diamonds canvas art

There are also 2 Tangled-pieces inspired by Jared Franco, including the Tangled tree painting for $600.


This is also a limited edition piece of 195 total, includes a certificate of authenticity, and measures 20″ H x 30″ W. We kinda like how Rapunzel lives her best life here as Flynn hangs around just.

Click here to buy Tangled Tree canvas art

The other Tangled the work of art is the Festival of Lights Canvas for $500.


It shows that wonderful lantern scene from the movie. Just like the others, there is a limited number of 195 pieces. This canvas also comes with a certificate of authenticity and measures 20″ H x 30″ W.

Click here to buy Festival of Lights canvas art

We also spotted some new artwork from Heather Edwards. The first is the Attracted by the Shore canvas for $500.


It is inspired by Ariel and is a limited edition of 195 signed by the artist, includes the certificate of authenticity and measures 20″ H x 30″ W. We love this unique and moody depiction of her!

Click here to buy Drawn to the Shore canvas art

There is also the Dig a little deeper web for $500.


This one depicts Tiana in a unique art style, where she’s seated at a table ready to have a meal – are we snooping donuts?! This print is a limited edition of 195, has a certificate of authenticity, and measures 24″ H x 18″ W.

Click here to purchase Dig a Little Deeper canvas art

If you’re looking for Disney Fine Art pieces for your home, these might just fit the bill. But be sure to budget appropriately.

Considering you could get a 4 day ticket (1 park per day) for the parks for some dates for around $430 – those plays could cost you MORE than tickets to the most magical place on earth!


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Herman C. Harkins