Elderly Guest’s Plans To Bury Her Husband’s Ashes At Disney World Go Terribly Wrong

The magic of a Disney theme park is that it’s not just about attractions and Mickey Mouse characters and merchandise, it’s about nostalgia and memories and a place where family, friends, couples and groups can share magical moments with each other.

This is what Walt Disney World was for Joyce and Gordon Jackson of Wales, UK. And that’s why 78-year-old Joyce Jackson wanted to bury some of her late husband’s ashes on Disney property – until it all went wrong.

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Walt Disney World means a lot to a lot of people. Despite recent controversies surrounding rising prices, park passes and issues for annual passholders, the Disney Resort in Orlando, Central Florida, attracts millions every year. From long-planned family vacations to impulsive trips to Disney Springs, Disney World retains its status as the most magical place, at least judging by the sheer volume of guests who frequent the theme parks year after year.

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For Joyce Jackson, her memories of Walt Disney World are special, thanks to her husband, Gordon. Unfortunately, Mr. Jackson suffered a tragic accident and lost his life. To honor his memory and celebrate the many trips they had at the Disney Resort, Ms. Jackson has planned a trip to the United States to bury some of his ashes, along with their wedding rings, in one of the gardens at their favorite Disney. hotel Resort — “Gordon loved it there.”

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But plans to return this new memory to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort would end in shattering disaster for Ms Jackson, as the airline she flew to Florida would lose her suitcase. Mrs Jackson said North Wales Live (via Manchester Evening News):

“Gordon absolutely loved it there. He was talking to the characters. It wasn’t a pilgrimage but I wanted to bury some of his ashes and our wedding rings there.

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The widow then explained the events that led to her arriving at Orlando International Airport (MCO) without her valuables:

“At Manchester Airport I was told I had to use the self-service bag drop. I did and got a luggage tag. A man put it. It wasn’t a sticky tag where you wrap it around a handle and stick the two ends together. It was more like paper. But it had to fall.

“But the worst part was that the ashes and the rings were in the suitcase. I know you can’t take someone’s ashes with you so I only had a few ashes and our wedding rings. I was going to bury them in a garden at the Caribbean Beach Resort The main ashes are in a rose pot in our garden.

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Ms Jackson, a self-confessed light traveler, didn’t even have a toothbrush or a change of clothes on her when she arrived in Florida and realized her suitcase was over 3,000 miles away. The 78-year-old said Virgin Atlantic “didn’t care” about the incident and instead it was Disney who helped the guest.

“I had to wash my underwear every night with shower gel. But Disney was very good, considering that wasn’t their problem. They gave me a toothbrush and took a taxi to take me to a supermarket so I could buy hairspray and toothpaste. I also bought three dresses, a T-shirt and a bag.

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Although she thinks it was her last chance to bury the ashes in Florida – she said ‘I can’t go back because I can’t afford it and I’m 78’ – and to keeping her husband’s memory alive in the Sunshine State, Ms. Jackson continued her journey, an action she says her husband would have been proud of.

“I couldn’t stay in a hotel room. I went out every day. I had to take advantage of it. I went on the boats and the cable cars – I went to the places we liked. It was not a pilgrimage. It wasn’t sad until they lost the suitcase, then it was sad.

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Joyce and Gordon have been married for 57 years until tragedy struck last June when Mr Jackson passed out and fell, fracturing his skull. He never woke up.

As for Virgin Atlantic, the airline has apologized to Ms Jackson and is investigating what happened to her suitcase at Manchester Airport.

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Herman C. Harkins