Fans hit social media after finding ‘unethical’ Disney hack

Fans recently took to social media after finding an ‘unethical’ hack to beat up crowds at a Disney park.

When visiting The Happiest Place On Earth, every Disneyland Resort guest has their favorite hack, whether it’s dropping their favorite attraction, discovering a secret snack, finding the perfect photo spot, and more. ‘others. However, fans went crazy after seeing an “unethical” and even “illegal” hack to beat the massive crowds at Disney parks.

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This whole conversation started after a video went viral in which a guest can be seen walking down Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure while sliding a blind cane, commenting that it “helps tell people to get the *%# ! out of my way.” The controversial part of the video happened when the guest turned to the camera and shook his hand with a “hold on” sign.

Fans were immediately outraged by this guest who allegedly used a fake cane to get people around him to avoid him, commenting that they were “almost sure it’s illegal to do that” and that “the blind community going to be so mad when they see this.”

Pixar Pier
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The original video was posted on TikTok by Charlie Kramer (@charliekramervision) and has garnered 2.9 million views, 367.3k likes and over 1,100 comments since posting on July 18.

You can see the video below or click here to watch it.

One of my cane’s many superpowers #FYP #Blind #BlindTok #Disabled #DisabledTikTok #Funny #Reaction


One of my cane’s many superpowers 😉 #FYP #Blind #BlindTok #Disabled #DisabledTikTok #Funny #Reaction

♬ original sound – Charlie Kramer

Several comments were similar to those quoted above. However, anyone commenting and thinking similar things would be terribly wrong. Charlie posted several subsequent videos to clarify this shameful misconception. In the following video, he commented that although he can look straight into the camera and wear glasses, he is actually blind. Charlie explains that blindness is a spectrum and he has 4% of his vision left, commenting that his vision is comparable to seeing through a small straw.

pixar pier disney california adventure
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Charlie goes on to explain how he lives the blind life and even shows his card indicating that he is legally blind. He adds that the reason he looks at the camera is because he can; because he wants to show people “how awesome it is to be blind and use your mobility tools”, commenting that it’s cool to show people that you’re proud to be who you are . He also comments that “unfortunately we’re still learning” but says that’s fine and we can all learn together, adding that people don’t need to have the ultimate extreme version of a disability to use any what a mobility tool. Charlie then comments:

The next time you see someone using a cane or showing off how awesome they are using their own mobility tool, whether it’s blindness, whether it’s in a wheelchair, whatever it is, at the instead of thinking, ‘wow, this person is faking this! They’re trying to take advantage of the system, why not be proud of them for standing up for themselves and for living the life they’re really proud of? To be proud of who they are when society shoots them down every day of their lives?

Charlie ends his video by saying, “Let me tell you, people. Blindness is a spectrum. Share this video; it is an important message.

You can see this video below or click here to watch it.


♬ original sound – Charlie Kramer

Charlie posted five more videos after the one shown above, addressing comments from viewers who think he’s using a cane is illegal or a “clever” hack and who even criticize the way he drags his cane to ” take up too much space. By doing so, Charlie hopes to raise awareness and educate people so that such misunderstandings happen less often, as well as support people who are blind and help them feel more comfortable with their cane and take pride in who they are.

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