Fans speculate on the cause of the increase in violence at Disney World

We reported on a brutal Fantasyland brawl at the Magic Kingdom in July. Two families reportedly fought physically after a guest tried to join their family online for Mickey’s Philharmagic.

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A man involved in the scuffle was hospitalized with a facial laceration, while others suffered minor cuts and bruises. There are reports that personal designer items and phones were damaged in the incident.

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The story went viral on Facebook, Twitter and TikTok – making its way to FOX’s national news. The network called the fight “chaos”. According to their information, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office arrested three people for assault and battery.

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This fight is the most recent of the violent incidents recorded in the Disney Parks, including a brawl at Disneyland Park during the return of Fantasmic!. Disney Park fans on Reddit discussed the reasons for the violence.

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u/kenazo noted that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and other political issues are making people more nervous than usual:

A lot of people are living on a hair trigger right now so there could be some level of increased frequency of anger erupting into violence coupled with the increased check in I’m sure it’s much more pronounced .

Guests wearing face masks at disneyland resort
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u/mhall85 agreed, adding that the heat in swampy Florida is making people more tense:

Add the heat to that equation…if you’re hot and tired, plus you’re already this close to getting tripped…

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u/ariarii said it’s not just the Disney parks – violence is everywhere:

I don’t think it’s just Disney. I was at my local revival fair this weekend and saw fights break out there too. People are just angrier these days in general for many different reasons (whether it’s violence in the news, politics, covid, economy, lack of social interaction) and their fuses can s exhaust just about anywhere.

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Many fans, however, said the violence is the same as it always has been. The only difference is that everyone has a camera in their pocket that can easily share a violent incident with millions of people in seconds. Former Disney cast member u/prosperosniece wrote:

I worked there over 20 years ago and the guests were just as unruly back then. The difference is that people had a finite amount of film and videotape and wouldn’t waste it in skirmishes.

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u/Moon_Noodle agreed, after working most recently as a cast member at Walt Disney World Resort:

I worked there from 2012 to 2020 and yes. We had fistfights everywhere. During Frozen Summer Fun in 2014 or 2015, a CM was attacked by a guy because we had no more room in the theater. I was pulled by my collar onto my counter in a turkey wagon in MK because we were out of turkey legs and were expecting more from the kitchen.

Do you think there is more violence at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort today than before?

Herman C. Harkins