Here’s how to see Mirabel from Disney’s “Encanto” on your next trip to the Magic Kingdom!

Walt Disney Animation is known for its classic films depicting timeless fairy tales and pious dreams come true. Disney is also known for its ability to make us love lifelong characters we don’t even know exist, like Disney’s. Frozen and Big Hero 6.

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But few Disney movies have captured our hearts as quickly as Encantowhich debuted in November 2021 at the box office and during the Christmas holidays 2021 on the Disney+ streaming platform.

The story of the Family Madrigal in the hills of Colombia evokes a wide range of emotions in those who know and love the Disney film. We laugh, we cry, we get angry, we feel empathy – and all in less than two hours – watching Encanto and sharing it with our friends and family. It’s so good.


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Apparently, Disney World executives felt the same way about the movie, because Mirabel Madrigal – the supposedly “not special” family member (don’t believe it, she’s one of the most special of all) finally made it way to Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort.

Mirabel d'Encanto

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End of June, The Disney Parks Blog shared the exciting news that Mirabel would soon be coming to the Magic Kingdom, along with some of our most beloved Disney friends:

Let’s start with some exciting news for Magic Kingdom Park. We may not be talking about Bruno, but we can definitely talk about Mirabel who will be making his debut in the “Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade” on June 26! The young hero of the Walt Disney Animation Studios hit film “Encanto” will join Miguel from “Coco“, Nick and Judy from “Zootopia”, Max, Goof, Moana, and more as this super cavalcade meanders through the park several times a day.

Ahead of July, the ever-iconic Minnie Mouse will join Mickey Mouse starting July 6 at the Town Square Theater in Magic Kingdom Park. The two will be ready for hugs and photos in their EARidescent outfits designed specifically for Walt Disney World 50e Birthday party!

July 6 also marks the return of Chip ‘N Dale’s Campfire Sing-A-Long to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground, where you can join the crazy friends for a campfire celebration followed by a classic movie of Disney under the stars. Then, on July 10, keep an eye out for familiar Fantasyland friends Peter Pan and Snow White as they once again welcome guests to Magic Kingdom park.

Disney World announces the arrival of the character

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Guests visiting Magic Kingdom can see Mirabel in the Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade, which currently takes place several times a day along the park’s parade route, starting at Frontierland and weaving through Liberty Square to Main Street, USA

The Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade is a fun and interactive presentation of some of the most daring, courageous and unique characters from Disney films. In addition to Mirabel, Guests can also see the following characters:

  • Nick and Judy from zootopia
  • Baloo and King Louie from The The jungle Book
  • Jose Carioca and Panchito from The Three Caballeros
  • Michael from coconut
  • Merida from Brave
  • Moana of Moana
  • The Incredibles

There are more characters than these, but this line-up alone is thrilling! Be sure to catch the cavalcade on your next visit to Magic Kingdom!

Herman C. Harkins