How to Get Disney’s ‘Lightyear’ Gauntlet WITHOUT a Park Ticket!

Pixar Light year has launched in theaters and is expected to pull in big box office numbers this weekend – but there’s something beyond the movie we need to talk about!

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Disney has rolled out merchandise for the new movie in droves and you can get it all from Light year ears, toys, tees, and more. But, perhaps one of the coolest new items is a real Buzz Lightyear gauntlet that you can DRINK, and now Disneyland isn’t the only place you can get it!

What would Buzz be without his glove and laser?! It’s an iconic piece of gear and an amazing…drink holder?! It’s true, the Light year the gauntlet includes the glove and the laser, and it can contain a drink!

Year of Lightning Gauntlet

And, if you look Light year at the El Capitan Theater, you can now grab one at their concession stand! It comes with a bottled drink and costs $29.95.

If you are looking for more merchandise from the new Pixar collection toy story spin-off, discover the Light year Ears you can grab online here, or check out the others Light year merchandise you can grab to celebrate Buzz here.

We LOVE these ears!

And we will continue to update you on the latest Light year news and offers, so stay tuned to AllEars!

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Herman C. Harkins