Iconic Imaginary Leaves Disney Due to Massive Florida Move


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As we’ve heard, the Walt Disney Company is moving thousands of jobs from California to Florida, and it seems like the decision to leave home or keep their jobs has been impossible for many to make.

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Back in July, Orlando Business Journal confirmed that Disney will be moving around 2,000 jobs from the California headquarters to Lake Nona (a planned community in Orlando, Florida) over the next 18 months, from that point on.

Through Orlando Business Journal:

Initially, the Disney campus will house imaginers and other professionals, but a specific site at Lake Nona has not been identified. The campus should be a new building. A size was not immediately known.

Most of the relocated professional roles will relate to Disney’s Parks, Experiences and Products division – which includes theme parks – which is not fully dedicated to the Disneyland Resort. The headquarters of Walt Disney Co. will remain in California and the relocated jobs will represent less than 5% of the total number of Disney jobs in California.

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Credit: Official website of Lake Nona

While this change is going to be great for the economy of Lake Nona, which is a booming area in the Orlando area, asking many to say goodbye to their homes and travel across the country was a great achievement, and not everyone is compliant. The imaginary Kevin Lively just talked about how he’s hanging up his Mickey Mouse ears for the moment after deciding to stay in California.

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Credit: Kevin Lively Twitter

Tweets from editor-in-chief Kevin (@Livelyland) have followed one another. Below, we’ll post the entire thread in a continuous paragraph, as Kevin intended to write.

After 14 years at Disney, I’m going to hang up my mouse ears. I never thought I would walk away, but sometimes life throws a curveball at you. In June, we learned that Imagineering was moving to Florida. My wife and I thought about this possibility at length, but we just couldn’t make it work with family and finances here in California. I was hoping something could change that, but about a month ago I got an official announcement that my role would be to locate.

animated kevin
Credit: Kevin Lively Twitter

When someone puts an end date on something you love as much as I love what I do, it can seem like your world is falling apart around you. I took it very hard. For this reason, I’m going to step away to focus on some pretty exciting opportunities that can keep us here in our home country. I am speechless at the outpouring of love and support from friends, mentors, colleagues and leaders. They made it clear that this door will not close and help me walk away for a while. I spent about a month making sure all of my plans are in place to be successful without me, and I can’t wait for you all to see what we cooked! Disney literally made my dreams come true.

animated kevin
Credit: Kevin Lively Twitter

They sent me to Japan to represent the original Jungle Cruise. I must have written and played an X-Wing pilot for Hyperspace Mountain. I have had the chance to vocally lead some incredible talent – people that I grew up idolizing! I was on stage in front of an amazing audience celebrating Jungle Cruise and Haunted Mansion with all of you. I helped launch a great movie with the biggest star in the world. And I got to work with the Muppets!

It’s just scratching the surface. But more importantly, I was able to follow in the footsteps of certified legends and was honored to carry on Walt’s legacy. I had a pretty good race. In the end, I’ll always be Imagineering’s biggest fan. We have some of the best creative talent in the world that I have had the pleasure of calling my friends. In conclusion, we are in the midst of a pandemic. Please, whatever you do, besides taking care of your physical health, be sure to take care of your mental / emotional health.

Lively ended the long Twitter thread with a simple “Kungaloosh!”, The official greeting from the Adventurers Club, who once resided at Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs).

From Kevin’s Tweet, we can see the huge amount of projects he’s been working on to help create the magic that visitors to Disney parks around the world can experience. We have already written what others think of this massive move to relocate so many people. While some were happy to see the booming economy and great minds join the state of Florida, many recognized how huge this was and asked that it was for those in need. to move.

What do you think of Disney’s decision to move so much across the country?


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