If you have DirecTV, prepare to lose access to the NFL Sunday Ticket

soccer season in full swing and fans tune in every Sunday to watch their favorite team. Games are also a staple of Thanksgiving celebrations, playing in the background as you carve the turkey and as you take the necessary nap after the meal. But if you have a single TV provider, you will lose your ability to stream some National Football League (NFL) games in the near future. Read on to find out which popular provider is removing access.

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Unfortunately, TV providers are constantly threatening to drop channels and packages.

Last month, Verizon issued a warning about her Fios TV Service. The provider’s contract with Nexstar Media Group, Inc. ended on October 14 and the two were negotiating a new deal, Variety reported. The outlook initially looked bleak due to pricing disputes, but the two companies were able to meet a multi-year target distribution agreement, according to an Oct. 28 press release. The announcement confirmed that Verizon Fios subscribers would still have access to NewsNation and NewsNation HD, both of which are national channels.

Also in October, those with Optimum from Altice USA cable service risked losing all Fox networks, according to Variety. Similar to Nexstar and Verizon, the two companies were engaged in talks over a new contract. Fortunately, an agreement was also reached here, preventing a possible content failure for Optimum subscribers in the New York area, Deadline reported.

The latest predicament, however, has multiple providers battling for the right to broadcast football.

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The NFL Sunday Ticket has been a DirecTV mainstay for 28 years. The exclusive streaming package broadcast live out-of-market matches Football Sundays, according to CableTV.com, making it a great option if your team’s games aren’t usually shown on your regional CBS or Fox channel, or if you’re just a football fanatic.

After the 2022-23 football season, however, DirecTV’s rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket will end, and in a July interview with CNBC, the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodel confirmed that the package will be moved to a streaming service.

DirecTV requires customers to sign up for its pay-TV service in order to access NFL Sunday Ticket, but Goodell noted that many people don’t subscribe to “traditional pay televisionmore, so bringing the package to a streaming service could potentially expand its reach, according to CNBC.

“We really believe these new platforms give us the ability to innovate where we are today,” Goodell told the outlet. “That obviously makes it more accessible to our consumers, especially young people, who are the ones we really want to reach. I think that will make it more accessible to fans. I think it will be a better experience for fans.”

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Three big hitters in the streaming world – Disney, Apple and Amazon – have submitted their bids for broadcasting rights over the summer, CNBC reported, with DirecTV sitting that round. In October, the outlet reported that Apple had become the favouritethrough its existing broadcast deals with Disney and Amazon.

In July, Goodell confirmed that he wanted to choose the new supplier for Sunday Ticket by this fall, but no agreement has yet been reached. Even though Apple TV is still leading the packnegotiations between the company and the NFL are stoppedaccording to Sportsnaut, citing by Daniel Kaplan reporting for The Athletic.

This is partly attributed to the asking price for the package, as the NFL is reportedly looking to make up to $3.5 billion a year – a big increase from the $1.5 billion DirecTV has been paying since 2015. According to the Kaplan reports Apple isn’t going for that number because it would take nearly 8.75 million new subscribers to buy the package for $400 to make a profit. (DirecTV is currently estimated to have around 1 million subscribers.)

Apple also took issue with the fact that NFL Sunday Ticket cannot carry the shows to which CBS and Fox have exclusive rights, and the current price does not include international broadcastsaccording to 9to5Mac.

“This negotiation has gotten silly… Obviously there’s a problem,” a source told Kaplan. “I think it’s really clear that Apple is learning things that they didn’t know. What the conversation is, Apple is like, ‘OK, we can’t sell internationally . OK, that was important to us. And we can’t sell it exclusively against Fox and CBS. Well, OK. Well, that changes its value.'”

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While deals are still being discussed, many are wondering when a new partner will be announced. Hopes are high that we’ll find out before the Super Bowl in February 2023, but Sportsnaut reports that the current lack of progress could push that date further.

Either way, if you have DirecTV and are relying on NFL Sunday Ticket, you’ll need to make other arrangements ahead of the 2023-24 football season.

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