In 2000, a Disneyland ticket cost $ 41. A price hike just raised it to $ 164.

If you want to visit Disneyland on its busiest days, be prepared to pay even more.

Disney announced Monday that it is adding a sixth tier to its tiered ticket pricing system, a tier that becomes available when demand is high at the parks. The sixth level will set you back $ 164 for a day ticket for a single park; if you want to be able to visit both parks in one day, you will have to pay $ 224. Level six is ​​expected to come into effect in March 2022.

In 2000, a day ticket to Disneyland cost $ 41. Adjusted for inflation, that ticket would cost $ 62 today.

Levels two through five will also increase from March 2022. Level two (formerly $ 114) rises to $ 119, level three (formerly $ 124) rises to $ 134, level four (formerly $ 139) rises to 149 $ and level five (previously $ 154) goes up to $ 159. The first tier will remain the same at $ 109, but will only apply to the most requested days, typically weekdays in slower months like February.

If you want multi-day park tickets, those have gone up as well. A two-day pass to the park, which cost $ 290, now costs $ 315. To see a full breakdown of price changes, see the Disney Food blog.

This is the first increase in ticket prices at Disneyland since before the pandemic; the increases took effect in February 2020, shortly before the parks closed.

Parking has also increased, with immediate effect. It used to cost $ 25 per day to park in the main lots. It is now $ 30. If you park yourself at the Disneyland Hotel, Paradise Pier Hotel, or Grand Californian, it has gone from $ 25 to $ 40 per day. If you want valet parking it will be $ 50. As MarketWatch notes, parking was 55 cents when Disneyland opened in 1955. Adjusted for inflation, that would be around $ 5 today.

After a long year of nickel and Disney guests – and the addition of an expensive paid system for skipping the merry-go-rounds – the news hasn’t been well received.

“The product that Disneyland is making is way below what it should be”, A Twitter user posted. “Honestly raising prices now is an insult and really shows why people should show their opinions with their wallets instead of just blindly paying [because] You like this.”

“Why can’t Disneyland wait until they bring back all the parades / shows before they start raising the price!” asked another, a common feeling among the guests.

A thread on the Disneyland subreddit was also oppressed.

“I have a feeling they could double the prices from where they are today next year and people will continue to do the same,” said one user. “I have a feeling the day I am no longer going to Disneyland may be on the horizon.”

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