Internet reacts after Disney parks raise ticket prices again

I hate to break it to you, Disney Parks enthusiasts, but significant price changes await.

Family resorts in Florida and California have confirmed that ticket prices and other park services will soon cost a little more.

One-park passes, Park Hopper tickets, and even the option to add Genie+ ride booking services have all seen price increases this month, as originally reported by Deadline.

Single park tickets for Disneyland will now range from $104 to $179, depending on the tier. By comparison, Park-Hopper passes (which allow guests same-day entry to Disneyland and California Adventure) have increased to now range between $169 and $244, depending on the ticket tier.

The cost of multi-day tickets also increased between 9.21% and 11.76% per outlet.

Disney’s Genie+ add-on service (which gives customers access to the Lightning Line, a ride reservation service) would also increase in price at each park.

At Disneyland, the price of Genie+ would increase from $20 to $25 per day.

Without raising ticket prices, Walt Disney World is shaking up its Genie+ pricing system. Instead of a flat fare, prices for Genie+ and Lightning Lane will vary by day, and the cost of some individual Lightning Lane passes (for rides excluded from Genie+) will also increase based on ride popularity.

And let’s just say that even the most dedicated Disney Parks guests weren’t happy about having to pay all those extra fees for no good reason.

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As the original report pointed out, Disney’s revenue has jumped more than 70% since 2021 due to the theme park’s previous cost hikes – and that number is only expected to rise after the latest news.

“Please tell me Disney raises wages if they raise food prices / bev / genie+,” one Twitter user pleaded.

Someone else commented on the steady price increases while wages stagnate, writing, “Disney raises prices while my meager salary stays the same.”

Another pretty blunt response was, “Breaking News!!! The Walt Disney Company, a major conglomerate, is raising prices to make as much money as possible. In other news, water has been proven to is always really wet.”

That’s not all, as fans of the park, who are clearly fed up with the steadily rising prices, continue to speak out freely online.

Of course, even with constant price increases, Disney is a beloved, family-friendly place that will no doubt continue to attract customers year-round!

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Herman C. Harkins