Love and Thunder Press Tour

Photo: Brook Mitchell

Chris Hemsworth just made a major announcement on his Instagram: the press tour for Thor: Love and Thunder officially started. And while that probably won’t appease the mountain of Asgard-sized fans clamoring to see a new trailer, at least it’s something people can sink their teeth into and enjoy before the end. inevitable trailer release between now and movie (fast approaching) release.

The post features Hemsworth, her co-star Tessa Thompson, aka Valkyrie, and Blood and Thunder director Taika Waititi all flashing a variety of hand signs (Hemsworth favoring traditional Rock and Roll devil horns with Thompson taking the route more traditional peace signs and Waititi showing that something is probably still number one). Hemsworth writes that the team is together to do “long-term press for Thor love and thunder with these two wonderful humans. A day full of craziness and hilarity. Get ready guys, these movies are going to be crazy!! »

Thor fans will no doubt be pleased to see at least some sign of momentum for the movie despite weeks of waiting for the movie’s trailer. Waititi didn’t help anyone worry last month when he admitted love and thunder was “still not finished”. Even the social media team for Amazon’s superhero series The boys made a direct appeal to social media for a trailer release.

Some fans think they might not see a trailer until Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hits theaters next month. Others think the new Thor trailer might even include footage that either spoils Doctor Strange or the current Disney Plus series, moon knight.

Whatever the reason, fans can at least expect a joke or two from Hemsworth et al at the next junket. Perhaps even tight-lipped Waititi could offer a better clue as to when fans will get their first look at Thor’s final MCU chapter.

Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8.

Herman C. Harkins