Marisha Wallace on coming to New York for “Tomorrow Tour” and how she uses her platform to spread positivity

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Marisha Wallace is a multi-talented performer; she is known for her Broadway roles, being part of the original cast of Disney’s Aladdin and playing the role of Effie White in the London production of Dreamgirls in the West End. Wallace goes back to New York on her “Tomorrow’s visitTo sing heartily to a live audience at The Green Room 42 on November 7th.

Wallace’s debut album “Tomorrow” is packed with uplifting Broadway songs and pop classics, adding his own soul music. Listeners will go through all stages of emotion feeling empowered, sad and hopeful with songs like “Before I Go”, “The Show Must Go On” and “Purple Rain”. The inspiration behind the album came from its gospel version of “tomorrowOf the musical Annie to raise funds for actors in the theater industry affected by the lockdown. After posting the video for the world to see, the song came to life as a universal hymn of hope.

“The first song on the album was Tomorrow, and I wanted to do a gospel version of that song just to raise money for charity to help unemployed artists during the pandemic,” Wallace said. “I released it on his own, and it was picked up by Michael Ball, he heard the song and played it on his show on BBC Radio. The song went number one on the iTunes charts and it became an anthem of hope around the world. I wanted to create an album that contained these inspirational songs to take us through the roller coaster of the pandemic. ”

Wallace will sing songs that people know her as “And i tell you i’m not going“from Dream Girls and”I know where i have been“from Hairspray, but she will also feature three new songs she wrote with Grammy Award winner Toby Gad. Overall, Wallace wants her audiences to feel alive again, reconnect and have a good time. moment to sing with her.

“I just want people to feel alive again and I feel like a lot of our soul has been pushed into this pandemic. We feel like we need to be inside and alone to go through all of these emotions on our own. I want the people who come to my show to start feeling alive again. They’re going to go through all of these emotions, they’re going to cry, laugh, dance and scream to name a few to let it all out overnight, ”Wallace said.

Wallace is currently on tour and has many exciting upcoming projects she is working on such as writing original songs for her upcoming album which has a pop-soul feel and is in the early stages of writing her own musical. There’s nothing Wallace can’t do to make his artistic dreams come true by using his voice to conjure up conversation issues like including height in the entertainment industry. She uses her platform to spread positivity by letting her fans know that they can do the same to make their dreams come true.

“To show people that they can do whatever they want and I feel like there is so much negative stuff around singing and performing,” Wallace said. “People say to themselves, they’re not the best and I’m not. No one can be better than you and if you’re just yourself and the best version of yourself, everything else will be fine. This has always been my vocation, I like to spread light and love because everything comes back to you.

You can watch Wallace perform on tour or stream his music on any music streaming service.

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