Miguel Arribas Celebrates 50 Years of Glassblowing Art at Walt Disney World

The Arribas brothers, Tomas and Alfonso Arribas, came from their Spanish hometown of La Coruña, Spain, bringing with them a century-old family business specializing in ancient glass blowing and cutting techniques. The Arribas brothers were discovered at the 1964 World’s Fair by Walt Disney himself, a chance meeting that led to the couple opening their first official store at the Disneyland Resort, tucked away inside Beauty in the Woods castle. dormant, a few years later in 1967.

Several years later, there are now Arribas Brothers locations at Disney theme parks around the world, each maintaining this connection to the history of their craft and their dedication to the art of glassblowing. An Arribas Brothers artist, Miguel Arribas, is celebrating 50 years of art since the original brothers’ young cousin was inspired by craftsmanship and started his career at just 14 years old. Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Miguel is well known as one of the longest serving members of the Walt Disney World Arribas Brothers venues team.

“The best part of working at Walt Disney World is the guests. Our guests come from all over the world, but it’s always a special moment when they see my badge and see that I’m from Montevideo, Uruguay. It makes me proud,” Arribas said.

Miguel Arribas

As part of Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month, Disney is showcasing the work of this incredible artist in the video below, where you can see Miguel’s incredible talent bring Disney Castle to life. Be sure to drop by to say hello if you’re near any of the Walt Disney World Locations of the Arribas brothers.

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