New documentary about bad behavior at Disney parks

Disney parks and resorts are always considered the perfect place for families. From fun rides for kids of all ages, delicious cuisine, and immersive resorts, there are so many Disney deals to make a vacation magical. Unfortunately, it seems that recently there has been an extreme increase in bad guest behavior, which can really ruin the magic.

Disney Dining has frequently reported bad guest behavior and now it seems the behavior has gotten so out of control that there is enough material to make a documentary. According DeadlineJeff Tremaine — director of Fooled forever – is making a documentary on the bad behavior observed in Disney parks and resorts.

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According Deadline:

After the success of Jackass Forever this year, director Jeff Tremaine has found a new set of troublemakers to focus on as they wreak havoc on the happiest place on earth. Tremaine is producing Stolen Kingdom, a documentary film chronicling the 30-year history of wrongdoing and debauchery at the Walt Disney World Resort, and how it led to the theft of an audio-animatronic valued at nearly $500,000 from the black market.

First-time filmmakers Joshua Bailey and White Lake’s Sam Fraser are directing.

Tremaine, who produces through his Gorilla Flicks banner, recently produced feature documentary Bad Axe, which won this year’s SXSW People’s Choice Award, earned Special Jury Recognition and is the most awarded feature documentary of 2022. CAA is picking up the film and should show it to buyers soon.

“Josh and Sam kind of found me and introduced me to this story that I found so compelling,” Tremaine said. “I was inspired not only by this story, but by these young filmmakers. Having been part of a misbehavior at Disneyland, I’m thrilled to be involved in this.

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From what we’ve seen recently, Tremaine will have a lot to talk about. This year alone we saw a massive brawl break out in Fantasyland at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom that resulted in arrests and lifetime bans. We also saw a man fighting with teenagers, with the man claiming to have brain cancer. Fights also broke out in the queue for a ride at Toy Story Land and on Main Street in the United States as guests waited for the fireworks to begin.

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Many guests have also been arrested for attempting to bring firearms into theme parks. Other guests engage in dangerous behavior at attractions, and a father and son have been arrested for stealing strollers at the Magic Kingdom.

In addition to the arrests, Disney has issued a number of bad behavior bans, including sending one to a social media influencer who consistently broke the rules to make his videos. The influencer is currently appealing his ban.

stolen kingdom does not have a release date at this time.

Herman C. Harkins