NFL confirms Sunday Ticket will likely leave DirectTV

It has been reported that “NFL Sunday Ticket” is likely to leave DirectTV.

Roger Goodell practically confirmed it on Friday. The NFL commissioner told CNBC he believes the package will move to a streaming service once the league’s current contract with DirectTV expires after the upcoming season.

“I definitely believe we’re going to move to a streaming service,” Goodell said. “I think it’s better for consumers at this point. … We’ll probably have a decision by the fall.”

Goodell declined to speculate on exactly where the service will land. He said, “I think it will make it more accessible to fans.”

His final point is one that rings true for a wide range of football fans. “Sunday Ticket” debuted in 1994 on DirectTV and has remained on the satellite service ever since. With few exceptions, fans wishing to watch out-of-market football matches at home are required to subscribe to DirectTV’s general service in addition to a Sunday Ticket subscription. For consumers who are not already subscribers, this means switching providers, having a satellite installed and signing a contract with DirectTV.

DirectTV has offered a streaming service for the past few years.

Roger Goodell expects “NFL Sunday Ticket” to have a new home after the upcoming season. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

What a “Sunday Ticket” streaming service looks like remains to be seen. CNBC recently reported that Disney, Apple, and Amazon have all submitted bids for the package. Amazon already has an exclusive deal to stream Thursday Night Games starting in the fall on its Prime service.

DirectTV pays $1.5 billion a year for “Sunday Ticket” rights.

Herman C. Harkins