NFL Sunday Ticket Could Become A ‘Streaming Product’ For Everyone – And That’s Huge

The NFL Sunday Ticket package will likely become a fully digital proposition when the current contract with DirecTV ends in 2023, according to NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell. And it looks like the NFL favors Apple over the other candidates.

CNBC reports that Goodell describes Sunday Ticket as a “streaming product” going forward, giving the biggest hint yet that it will be fully digital once he leaves AT&T’s DirecTV – his home for 27 years. “I think it’s better for our fans to make it accessible on a digital platform,” he explained.

As previously reported, Sunday Ticket – a subscription service that allows live coverage of every unbagged NFL game by local affiliates – likely won’t be renewed by DirecTV as it’s something that actually has lost service money lately. It currently costs $ 1 billion a year, so it’s not exactly the sort of thing to bet on – and CNBC has previously claimed the price could reach $ 2.5 billion a year this time around.

This type of award limits the number of companies that could reasonably launch a bid, but the latest report highlights a “person familiar with the thought of the NFL,” who claims that “several” tech companies have expressed interest.

Three destinations are commonly cited, each with the kind of funds to make such a move possible: Amazon, Apple, and Disney’s ESPN. Amazon was once a “likely leader,” according to CNBC, but this most recent report notes that “in league circles, rumors suggest the NFL ultimately wants to lure Apple into taking over.”

This may seem counterintuitive, given that Apple currently doesn’t offer any live sports, unlike Amazon. But the company may see it as a new way to attract millions of iPhone and iPad buyers every year.

And while the NFL rights might seem like an expensive gamble, it could ultimately be cheaper than ordering and filming original content that may or may not fail: For every Ted Lasso, there is a Friends from College, after all. . NFL audience numbers are more of a known amount and potentially a safer bet.

Regardless of the destination, the NFL is also reportedly considering other big changes to make Sunday Ticket more appealing to consumers. This could give customers the option to purchase individual team games, for example, or allow streaming services to broadcast a specific conference.

We should have a better idea of ​​what the 2023 Sunday Ticket will look like soon. The league apparently wants the new deal in place before the start of the 2022 season.

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