Noah Thompson, HunterGirl Hilarious Tour Promo Bloopers

Currently, Noah Thompson and HunterGirlrespectively winner and finalist of season 20 of American Idol, are co-headliners of a tour.

The two head to Marion, IL on Friday (November 4), then Angola, Indiana on Saturday (November 5). Next Friday (November 11) they play a big gig in Nashville, Tennessee.

In the meantime, the tour buddies have filmed a promotional video to announce their upcoming dates. And as you can see below, it took a few DO OVERS to get it right. The two couldn’t stop fucking each other.

Watch the fun promotional bloopers below.

“Enjoy @huntergirlmusic and I mess up 1000x,” Noah wrote in the caption alongside the hilarious video. Laughing emoji included.

“I thought that really said India for a second!” Noah exclaimed after a failed attempt to read the cue card. “No, Indiana! » Fixed HunterGirl. “That would be cool…I’ve only been abroad once!”

Pronouncing city names like ANGOLA seems like a big problem. Especially for Noah. At one point, he and HunterGirl dissolve into laughter before he can even get the word out. The producer warns Noah not to interfere with his microphone. “He always interferes,” jokes HunterGirl. “Shut your mouth! Noah jokes.

And then Noah FINALLY says “Angola, Indiana” correctly, and HunterGirl misses her cue. Having fun, they change their name. The two can’t stop laughing. “BE THERE YES. DAMN STRAIT,” Noah says, kinda giving up!

Looks like they’re taping spots for Disney Channel? That’s over two minutes of hijinks.

Noah and HunterGirl signed record deals after American Idol

After finishing american idol in May, 19 Recordings/BBR Music Group signed them both to sign contracts. Noah and HunterGirl recently released new singles — personal tracks that showcase their small-town life in Kentucky and Tennessee, respectively.

Country singers recently released heartfelt singles

Noah released the song “Make You Rich” produced by Jimmy Robbins and written by Craig Wiseman, Driver Williams and Jason Nix – tells the story of choosing to be a better man by giving more and taking less.

“I come from a small town in Eastern Kentucky and didn’t grow up with a lot,” Noah said in a press release. “I learned to value my friends and family more than the materialistic things we may have in life. I joke that I’m just a simple guy. I also learned, even when life is tough, the more you give and the more you love, the richer you are, and that’s the whole point of “Make You Rich”.

HunterGirl released “Hometown Out of Me”, a song she co-wrote with Laura Veltz and producer Jimmy Robbins after returning to Nashville.

“My hometown has supported my dream since I was little and especially throughout this crazy year of my life,” HunterGirl shares. “I wanted my first single after the show to be a thank you card to my hometown. The reason I can pursue my dream is because of the amazing people who have supported me. No matter where this journey takes me, I will never forget where I came from.

Noah and HunterGirl became fast friends during American Idol

The country music singers quickly became friends during the competition. Both had side-by-side trailers. “We got close, man. We talked about how one person felt that way…or I felt that way,” Noah said of his friendship with HunterGIrl. “She was just kind of there for me and I was there for her. We have become best friends.

Some fans thought the two were dating. But the two said and repeated: Just friends!

Herman C. Harkins