Peacock test program to offer free movie ticket or rental to subscribers every month – The Streamable

The peacock started test a new program which will reward select Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus subscribers for joining. Yesterday, some subscribers started receiving an email informing them of a new “exclusive benefit” for Peacock members starting in April. Some customers might choose a free movie ticket through Fandango or an on-demand movie rental through Vudu.

The email reads:

Join our test, get new benefits of free movies

For a limited time, you’re invited to try out a new exclusive benefit for Peacock members: get free tickets to see new movies in theaters by renting Movies On Demand. This benefit is included at no additional cost with your subscription when you register

When you click for more, the test says, “Once a month, get a free Fandango movie ticket or Vudu movie rental. This benefit is included at no additional cost to participating Peacock members. The email indicates that starting in April, customers will receive an email to select their benefit.

Customers will have the choice of receiving $15 for a Fandango movie ticket (and convenience fee) or a $7 Vudu movie rental. They can apply for a new allowance each month and monthly allowances will not be carried over from one month to the next. It’s not a one-time benefit either, Peacock says they expect the test to last several months.

Comcast, which is Peacock’s parent company, also owns Fandango and Vudu, which are included in the offering. It’s unlikely they’ll be able to make the economy work if this was a permanent perk for the $4.99 per month Peacock Premium plan, but could this be a test to see if a package works at a higher price?

The idea that a streaming service could include loyalty program membership is probably the next step for these services. For example, it’s only natural that Disney+ members get special perks at Disney parks. For now, though, we’ll have to wait and see how this test pans out before we know if this will be a permanent perk or the foundation for a new level for Peacock.

Herman C. Harkins