Strange conspiracy theory shared by a former Disney cast member

Yesterday it rained at Disneyland, which doesn’t happen too often in Southern California.

However, when it happens to rain in the happiest place on earth, some guests might think it seems a little strange, especially since the events in this land of fantasy and those in the land of reality may not agree well.

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That’s why the story a former Disney cast member shared is even more interesting, as it matches the recent weather pattern in Orange County, as well as the ongoing storms in Florida.

This former cast member @irlmiranda shared an interesting experience with a rude guest, who asked her to “put the rain out”.


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As @irlmiranda shares in the video, it was a stormy morning at Disneyland, when a guest approached her, asking her to turn off the rain. The guest’s reasoning for this request was that she believed there was a dome over Disneyland and that the cast members somehow controlled the dome. The guest then demanded that the rain be turned off and that it wasn’t even “right” for it to be turned on, as it was wasting his family’s time at the park.

The cast member talked further with the guest, apologizing for the bad weather but explaining that there is no dome over the park and she cannot control the weather.

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The poster later discovered the angry guest had left and filed a complaint with customer services, claiming the cast member “refused to put out the rain.” The poster manager just waved, explaining that they get these kinds of complaints from time to time.

@irlmiranda goes on to say that there is no dome, and if there was, it would make Cast Members’ lives a whole lot better, especially when working on carts.

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Several former cast members shared their similar experiences in the comments, such as @tinyragecosplay, who said:

Omg it happened to me at Fantasmic! A lady asked me to turn off the rain and turn up the heat and when I was confused she said “it’s good I know for the dome” and when I said dome? She said “the dome above the park where you control the weather so we buy ponchos”

However, @livntetdiy had a potential explanation for the guest justification:

I’m not saying she’s sane, but the Disney logo is Tinkerbell domed above the castle…

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User @ardeerdrp, along with other commenters, sympathized with the poster:

I’m sorry, I wish I had a guest to call her. Ma’am Disney might be a magical place, though, not so much to defy the laws of nature.

According to the comments in the original poster, this happened to her about two or three times when she worked at Disney. This conspiracy was apparently fairly well known, as several Cast Members had warned her against Guests believing it.

What do you think of this story? Have you ever heard of the dome conspiracy theory?

Herman C. Harkins