The popular actress booked a corner seat ticket with her boyfriend

The popular actress booked a corner seat ticket with her boyfriend…! ?

Actress amala Paul who participated in a show called Raju Veetla party hosted by bigg boss title winner Raju on Vijay TV has spoken about her teenage love. Malayalam actress amala Paul made her debut with sindhu film Samaveli and became very famous with maina film directed by Prabhu Solomon. After that, Amala Paul became a top heroine in a short time acting with top actors like Vijay, Vikram, Suriya, Jayam Ravi and Dhanush.
Amala Paul fell in love with AL Vijay, the director of the film, while she was playing in Thalaiva. They got married in 2014, after dating for a few years. Even after marriage, Amala Paul continued to act in films. After that, in 2017, Amala Pal got divorced and parted ways with AL Vijay due to a disagreement. After the divorce, Amala Paul used to act boldly in unique roles. Especially in the last year of 2019, she shocked everyone by acting naked in the movie Aadai, directed by Ratna Kumar. After that, for the past three years, not a single film in which she starred has been released.Currently, she has finished acting in the movie Kadavar. Amala Paul not only played the heroine in the film but also took on the avatar while producing this film. The film is currently gearing up for release. As a result, the film drops directly on the Disney Plus Hotstar OTT site on August 12.In this case, a program called Raju Veetla party is led by bigg boss title winner Raju on Vijay TV. Actress Amala Paul took part and shared some things that happened in her life. She also opened up about her teenage love on the show.As a result, Amala Paul said that she fell in love with someone during her teenage years, she went to the theater with him and bought a corner seat ticket to watch a movie, then she kissed the boyfriend . But she didn’t give details about who the boyfriend is and what his name is.

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