TikTok claims Disney’s Cinderella Castle is being demolished, internet fools

When visitors visit Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, they are confronted with many incredible structures, buildings, rides and experiences. From the breathtaking Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to the incredible and immersive Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, guests are always ready for an exciting, thematic and surprising experience.

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However, there is perhaps no more iconic feature of a Disney park than Cinderella’s Castle which sits at the end of Main Street USA

As guests enter the Magic Kingdon, the impressive castle looms in the distance. A guest’s first sighting of the castle can be a truly moving experience, one that many have sadly scoffed at. Still, seeing something so grand, so detailed, and so well themed is sure to stun even the most seasoned Disney guests.

mickey proposes to minnie in front of cinderella's castle at disney world
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The magic doesn’t stop outside, as Cinderella’s castle comes fully equipped with an entire suite inside. The Cinderella Castle Suite is a true money-free location at Walt Disney World Resort. Nestled inside the classic Magic Kingdom icon, the sequel is beautifully designed, making any Disney fan’s dreams come true. Last year, Disney Parks released an exclusive tour of the suite, delighting viewers with an inside look at this coveted spot at the end of Main Street, USA.

Guests can also find a delicious restaurant inside the castle, officially called CInderella’s Royal Table. Here, guests can dine in style high above Magic Kingdom enjoying a variety of “royal” dishes.

Cinderella's royal table
Credit: Disney

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Recently, a video went viral on social media claiming that this beloved Magic Kingdom centerpiece was completely destroyed. It was quite a statement and one that sent the internet into a frenzy when it was released about a week ago.

You can check out the full TikTok linked below, shared by the aptly named @mousetrapnews:

We’re not crying, you’re… okay, so are we


We’re not crying, you are…okay, so are we 🥺 #magickingdom #cinderellacastle #disneynews #disneyworld #disneyparks

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This joke has gone so far that even snopes had to weigh in on it (unsurprisingly, the video was called satire). It wasn’t the only site that needed to let its readers know what was really going on at Cinderella’s Castle. There was an almost endless selection of websites answering this “burning” question, from Indy100 at pop-culture, and you guessed it, the iconic castle isn’t going anywhere.

This video accompanied a full report which can be seen here on their website. Of course, that was a bold and pretty incredible claim, although Disney has been known to do crazy things from time to time.

An example of this for many was the revelation that Splash Mountain would be turned into an attraction based on Disney’s hit 2009 animated film. The princess and the Frog. Originally, this news was incredibly shocking, especially considering how important Splash Mountain has been to Disneyland and Walt Disney World for so many decades at this point.

Credit: Orlando Sentinel

Turning back the clock, Disney faced a lot of controversy when it announced it would be getting rid of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at its Orlando resort. This news prompted many avid fans to come forward and protest the ride’s removal. But that attempt was in vain as Disney, of course, eventually replaced the ride with the always adorable The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

Fans were also incredibly upset to learn that a themed billboard, which advertised Disney’s Tower of Terror, had to be completely destroyed. This news sent the Disney Park community into a frenzy, even though it was only an advertisement for an attraction that would still remain in the Park.

All of this just goes to show you how passionate visitors are about the Disney Parks experience and what they may or may not believe and do.

Is there anything in Disney World that you would like to see demolished?

Herman C. Harkins