TikToker Goes on Hilarious Orlando Tour Using SunRail in Viral Video

A TikToker has gone viral for his sarcastic and hilarious tour of Orlando, Florida using the SunRail train system.

Jeddeo Paul, known as @jeddeo1 on TikTok, recently posted about his travel experience while visiting his grandmother on The City Beautiful. Jed, who is from Boston, begins the video by explaining his intention to tour Orlando’s hotspots alone using the SunRail system because his family doesn’t want to board the trip with him.

Unfamiliar with what Central Florida has to offer, he read an article that recommended several stops to make on the SunRail, including AdventHealth which was described as a “cultural experience.”

After realizing the shutdown was “just a hospital system”, Jed sarcastically finds a silver lining.

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“At least if I get heatstroke on this adventure, there’s a nearby medical facility where I can get treatment.”

He leaves the medical campus because it’s “boring”, so Jed continues his SunRail adventure at the Orlando Science Center, but didn’t go because of the price of admission – and because he didn’t want the people look at each other strangely. an adult in a museum designed for children.

Her quest for more culture brought her to the Orlando Repertory Theatre. Glaring impassively at the camera, he hilariously reveals a poster for a live-action show of Disney’s “High School Musical 2.”

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Jed ends up at the Orlando Museum of Art trying to figure out the meaning of several sculptures displayed outside. He then gets back on the SunRail to return to the station where his father was picking him up, but a delay caused him to be an hour late and his father left him in the pouring rain.

“Rest easy knowing that even though I’m outside in the rain, I’m not too hot anymore.”

Herman C. Harkins