Tokyo Disney Resort’s ‘Toy Story’ Hotel Video Tour Gives a Look Inside

It might be time to start planning your dream trip to Japan now that the Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel opens on April 5. It was last April that Disney announced its grand plan to open an 11-floor toy story-themed hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort, and it looks like the toys are finally coming out to play. In fact, you can watch this Tokyo Disney Resort toy story Video tour of the hotel to get a glimpse of the interior of the property before it opens.

When Disney first announced plans to bring toy story to life in a hospitality setting, the brand new hotel based on the Pixar films has been revealed to feature 595 rooms. The hotel is also Disney’s first “moderate type” hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort, which means it sits between their deluxe and economy type hotels. Basically, it’s the Hannah Montana of hotels and you get the “best of both worlds”. You’ll be able to save money on your stay, but you’ll also have the full Disney experience of immersing yourself in the world of toy story.

The hotel is also right next to the Disney Resort Line, which is Tokyo Disney Resorts‘ monorail system that gives you easy access to the property’s two parks. You can roll out of bed, hop on the monorail, and be at Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea in no time.

Speaking of getting out of bed, Toy Story Hotel’s guest rooms look exactly like Andy’s iconic room in the movies. It has the classic cloud wallpaper with Andy’s crescent moon headboard on the wall. You will really feel like a toy, especially with the giant Etch A Sketch TV. Disney also leaves lots of little Easter eggs for super fans, like the giant Mickey Mouse wristwatch and Andy’s pencil drawing of Woody and Buzz on the wall. There’s even a desk lamp, which resembles the famous Pixar lamp – aka Luxo Jr.

Although the rooms are amazing, the first thing you’ll see before you even check in are the giant statues of Buzz Lightyear and Jesse in front of the hotel. This fun playground looks like a giant board game and is full of Instagram-worthy spots. The board game theme continues in the lobby, which has a board game on the ceiling. The reception where you’ll check in even features a larger than life Lite Brite that says, “You’ve got a friend in me!”

When you’re hungry, stop by the Lotso Garden Cafe. While all Disney parks are known for their delicious, Instagram-worthy food, Tokyo Disney Resort has a reputation for taking the top spot when it comes to the cutest treats and dishes. Lotso Garden Cafe is no exception with Little Green Men and Lotso menu items, and you’ll definitely want to take plenty of photos before biting into whatever you’ve ordered.

Of course, if Woody is your favorite character, you’ll want to check out the Toy Friends Square courtyard at the back of the hotel. This is where you will find a statue of Woody and Bo Peep like those of Buzz and Jesse in front. It’s also an amazing place to plan a Disney photo shoot at your OOTD theme park.

Keep in mind that even though Tokyo Disney Resort toy story The hotel is due to open on April 5, travel to Japan is still not allowed for tourists at this time. It just gives you more time to save and plan your future trip. You can even plan your Disney vacation around the opening of Tokyo DisneySea’s newest port, Fantasy Springs, which is slated to open in 2023 and will feature Frozen, tangled, and Peter Pan attractions. There’s always something fun to look forward to at Disney Parks around the world.

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Herman C. Harkins