Universal has a new weapon in its war against Disney

by Walt Disney (SAY) – Get The Walt Disney Company Report Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California compete for Comcast customers (CMCSA) – Get the Class A report from Comcast Corporation Universal Studios in Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood in California.

Both companies want families to spend all of their vacations at their theme park, on-site resorts, and all other amenities close to the property.

Planning a trip to either company’s park requires good planning. Not only do you have to choose a hotel – which is especially difficult in Florida where both companies have seemingly endless options – you also have to buy the right tickets, plan your meals and make a whole host of other choices before you set foot there. . a real theme park.

Countless guides have been written about the Disney and Universal parks. And Disney has several resources, including its app design and blog, to make planning your trip easier. Universal had similar resources, but now Disney’s big rival has created a new resource, which is really a collection of resources designed to make it easier to plan your trip and navigate its park once you get there.

Universal Launches New Planning and Information “Hub”

Since Universal cannot assign customers a Minion as a tour guide, the company has taken steps to make vacation planning and park attendance easier.

“The Discover Universal Content Hub was created in response to feedback we’ve received from you, our customers, and – hopefully – potential future customers, about wanting a one-stop resource to learn everything you need to know about Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood. Here you’ll find informative articles, entertaining original video series, and an all-new vacation planning podcast to give you the must-haves, must-haves, must-haves, tips, and so much more,” the company wrote in a blog post.

It’s a collection of everything from Universal’s first-ever podcast to a video series, Ride Guys, that answers questions about the company’s rides. It may seem unnecessary, but some people have a limited tolerance for thrills, while others may be traveling with children where the fear factors or how a ride actually works is important.

“How fast is this ride? Is it going upside down? What are the ride height requirements? And what about the hidden Easter eggs? Must-see attractions at Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood, and buckle up to show you what the real-life experiences are like,” the company added.

Additional resources will cover dining and hotel options as well as travel to both US Universal locations.

Universal escalates its battle with Disney

Covering everything, Disney has become a major industry for bloggers, podcasters, and social media personalities. Universal has people doing the same thing but not at the same level as its main rival.

By launching its own media service that answers questions from customers and potential customers, Universal is providing a needed service. The company seems to do this in a way similar to how freelance bloggers, podcasters, and social media personalities cover Disney.

This gives Universal a chance to control its message while giving customers and potential customers the information they want. The company seems to do this in a way that’s designed to be fun, because no one wants vacation planning to be a chore.

A service like Discover Universal will become more prominent when the theme park company opens its third Florida theme park, Epic Universe. That park has been delayed, but it’s on the way, Comcast Chief Financial Officer Michael Cavanagh said during the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call.

“Epic is full steam ahead. I was there a few weeks ago. And the construction is going really well. And I think we’ve said that in the past, but we expect this park to open in 25 and certainly in time for summer 25 and we will get back to you and everyone when we have more details on the date,” he said.

When this park launches, it will not have the guides and internet/social media content that existing parks have. Universal will be able to use its own service to provide the necessary information to the public, which, along with the new park, could help it take some customers who might otherwise have gone to Disney.

Herman C. Harkins