Use Starbucks Star Rewards at Walt Disney World

At Orlando-area theme parks, you’re rarely far from a Starbucks. At Universal Orlando, you can find them inside the park, CityWalk, and at most Universal Orlando Resort hotels. All Walt Disney World parks also offer Starbucks locations. Inside each of these Starbucks, you’ll find what you’d expect…a basic Starbucks interior! Menu items will be like your local Starbucks with baked goods, snacks, most teas and coffees, breakfast items, and lunch sandwiches.

On the other hand, there are unique differences. The main one is that you can’t use “Star” rewards at any Universal Orlando location or any location at a Walt Disney World theme park. However, all hope is not lost for those entering Walt Disney World. For Starbucks fans, Walt Disney World has an edge over Universal Orlando.

In my endless quest to save money while vacationing in the Orlando area, savings finds a way. On my attempt to eat all around Disney Springs, I had four Starbucks drinks in two days. Also, the best part revolves around the fact that I used my “Star” rewards for all of these drinks.

How could that be? Well, as many of you may know, Disney Springs locations are a different kind of Starbucks. Simply put, you can use your accumulated “Stars” in Disney Springs locations. Additionally, you can use the Starbucks mobile app to order your Starbucks items. As always, the joy of having your order waiting for you enhances paying nothing for the products.

In all honesty, I’ve ordered from Disney Springs Starbucks stores four times a week. For the record, there are two Starbucks in Disney Springs. Every time I ordered; the app said my products would be ready within 5 minutes. In each case, it turned out to be true.

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If you’re a Joffrey fan, I realize this won’t help you. However, for those of us who visit Starbucks often, the joy of using “Star” rewards while vacationing in Orlando adds to the fun. The next time you buy something at your local Starbucks, think about how you might be earning “stars” for your vacation. It could help pay over $10 for a coffee and a snack. As always, eat (and in this case drink) your way!

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Herman C. Harkins