Videos: Electric Streetcars Debut at Universal Studios Hollywood’s World Famous Studio Tour

Universal Studios Hollywood has rolled out the first four electric streetcars in its fleet of 21 Studio Tour streetcars, as Universal continues its commitment to create a zero-emissions Studio Tour fleet. Today I had the chance to board one of these new trams, as well as chat with one of the leaders who led this change.

The first thing you’ll notice about these new electric trams is how quiet they are! You can hear him in the video below, showcasing some highlights from the famous Studio Tour:

I also had the chance to participate in a Q&A with Glen Connally, Senior Vice President, Operations and Technical Services, Universal Studios Hollywood. Some highlighted information that I found interesting includes:

  • Only four of the 21 trams in the fleet have been converted to electricity so far, with a fifth set to enter service in early June.
  • All 21 are currently expected to be converted by 2025.

  • The trams recharge in the loading and unloading areas, without in any way hindering the current operation of the Studio Tour.
  • Not only will the complete conversion of the 21 trams from diesel-hydraulic to electric motors help reduce carbon emissions, but it will also enable a quieter experience for customers and films and TV shows in production on the Backlot.

Let’s learn a bit more about electric streetcar conversions with Glen Connally in the video below:

When you visit Universal Studios Hollywood in the future, I hope you too will have the chance to ride one of the brand new electric streetcars!

Herman C. Harkins