Walt Disney World parks set to reopen at just 20-30% capacity

Given the recent revelation of Universal Orlando’s plans to reopen their theme parks in early June, many wonder when Walt Disney World will follow and at what capacity? Well, according to new information from a Disney executive, it looks like when Walt Disney World finally reopens, it might only be at 20-30% capacity.

This new idea was shared by WESH 2 News reporter Amanda Dukes, who recently tweeted the information. In her tweet, she shares “a Disney director told @GovRonDeSantis and @VP (Vice President Mike Pence) that they plan to reopen the park to 20-30% capacity.”

The idea of ​​reopening Walt Disney World theme parks at limited capacity isn’t completely unrealistic, as we reported last month, The Central Florida Task Force Has Already Imposed New Limitations On Theme Parks When They Reopen, which would only allow them to operate at 50% of their capacity when they first reopened. This number can increase up to 75% of the capacity during the second phase of reopening of each theme park.

Credit: Disney

It is true that 20-30% is smaller than those original guidelines. However, it should also be noted that during the recent reopening of Shanghai Disneyland, the theme park is currently only operating at 30% of its normal capacity. The idea that Walt Disney World theme parks would follow suit would make sense.

At the moment, it is not known when the Walt Disney World parks plan to reopen. As we recently shared, Walt Disney World and Disneyland recently cut all hours of operation until mid-June.

All that has been confirmed so far is that Walt Disney World plans to present Central Florida Task Force with its own plan to reopen next week, which will likely include a reopening date. At this time, Disney has not confirmed a specific capacity at which its Walt Disney World parks will reopen.

What do you think of the theme parks in Walt Disney World that can operate at just 20-30% of their normal capacity? Let us know in the comments!

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