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Disneyland residents who complain about the rise of the Genie + paid system may want to thank those willing to pay for frontline access for keeping prices from rising faster for tickets and leaving them behind. – spend annuals.

The new Disney Genie service will debut this fall replacing the FastPass and MaxPass line deletion options. Disneyland will replace the free FastPass system with a paid Lightning Lane option and begin charging for premium frontline access on certain individual attractions.

Nearly 20 attractions at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure will be part of the $ 20 Genie + service on the Disneyland mobile app. Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain, and Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run will be included in Genie +. The new Lightning Lane individual option is expected to cost anywhere from $ 7 to $ 15 to top the line on three of the most popular rides: Rise of the Resistance, Web Slingers, and Radiator Springs Racers.

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Disneyland increased ticket prices at the end of October after keeping prices stable when the Anaheim theme park reopened in late April after a year-long shutdown against the coronavirus. The $ 399 to $ 1,399 Magic Key price range was in line with the 2019 Disneyland Annual Pass prices.

Martin Lewison, a theme park expert at Farmingdale State College in New York City, said demand for Disneyland tickets and frontline access to Genie + will determine whether the parks continue to raise prices.

“I would expect Genie + to add income and expense per guest, but eventually the mouse will need more cheese,” Lewison said via email. “It could come from higher prices for Genie + and Lightning Lane, but it could also potentially come from overall ticket price increases if demand is inelastic.”

Leisure Business Advisors chief executive John Gerner doesn’t expect Genie + revenue to keep Disneyland ticket prices from rising.

“While the Genie + system may subsidize the daily prices of tickets and pass holders for those who don’t want to pay the premium, that likely won’t happen,” Gerner said by email. “The exception would be if there is unexpected price resistance from potential users for standard tickets. “

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According to Gerner, many Disneyland visitors will be willing to pay more for shorter lines.

“Many visitors are tired of waiting in long lines and are willing to pay for the convenience and access,” Gerner said via email. “Theme park operations have become more efficient, so there is a good compromise for those who generally see it that way. “

Charging a premium for the most popular rides allows Disneyland to increase revenue while keeping ticket prices and pass holders stable, according to former Disney executive Duncan Dickson.

“Lightning Lane gives them the opportunity to increase their income and yet to say, ‘Well, we haven’t raised the prices like we normally do,'” the retired associate professor said by phone. ‘University of Central Florida in Theme and Amusement Park Management.

Genie + will help subsidize the prices of daily tickets and annual passes for those who don’t want to pay the premium, according to Motley Fool writer and analyst Rick Munarriz.

“The high-margin product offering will subsidize admissions for those who choose not to pay for the premium add-on, controlling the prices of the day and year passes,” Munarriz wrote on Motley Fool. .

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Having annual pass holders and other park professionals in line will make the Lightning Lane offer even more appealing to daytime guests willing to pay extra to avoid the wait, according to Munarriz.

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