Best African Food at Disney World

Planning a Disney vacation in hopes of trying some new cuisine? You’re in luck ! With so many different types of cuisine and the range of dishes available at Walt Disney World’s parks, resorts and Disney Springs, you’re sure to have the chance to step out of your culinary comfort zone. We’ve discussed the best menus of different types of cuisine (Irish, Latin, Mexican) to enjoy at Disney World restaurants on your next Walt Disney World vacation. Today we dive into the best African cuisine at Disney World!

pig tail

Sanaa, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Credit: Disney

If you are looking for a culinary experience and not just a meal, we recommend booking in Sanaa. This East African-inspired restaurant serves African and Indian cuisine with an excellent view of the Animal Kingdom Lodge Savanna. That’s right, you can watch giraffes play and zebras graze while you enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner.

If you’ve been reading about Disney restaurants for a long time, chances are you’ve heard guests rave about Sanaa’s bread service. I can confirm that you should not skip this shareable appetizer. It’s pricey at $21 but consists of naan, garlic naan, chutneys, hummus, jams, pickle dips, oils, and spreads that will melt in your mouth.

Indian bread service

Credit: Disney

For the main course, we recommend the pork knuckle. Braised pork is cooked to perfection and served with Chermoula-spiced black-eyed peas and savory pickled mustard. This entree is $28 and is a super filling choice. Other options on this menu are the Zanzibari Vegetable Curry with Prawns (also $28) or the Potjie Inspired Starter which serves your choice of meat with a grain side of your choice for $30.

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Grilled chicken bowl

Harambe Market, Africa to Animal Kingdom

Grilled chicken bowl

Credit: Disney

Harambe in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a must visit for doing Kilimanjaro Safari and for spotting animals on the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail. However, there is also unmissable African cuisine to taste in Harambe! Harambe Market is a fast food restaurant specializing in simple and tasty dishes around succulent grills.

The food is delicious, but also on my highlight list for being a healthier dining option in the park and great portion size and value. The Grilled Chicken Bowl is only $12.99 and features juicy grilled chicken served over fluffy cilantro rice and greens. The entrée is drizzled with a chunky salsa to make for a perfectly balanced, hearty and delicious meal.

If a two-meat option suits you better, we have the dish for you! Try the ribs and chicken bowl for $14.99. This starter is basically the chicken bowl, but with some added meat – finger-lickin’ ribs! Now I know that the adorable Simba cupcake on this menu is not African cuisine. It’s just a classic vanilla cupcake that’s adorably decorated with The Lion King theming. That fact won’t stop me from listing it here, or snagging one the next time I visit Animal Kingdom. It’s just too cute and rings in at just $5.99. You can’t beat the basics, and that’s exactly what Harambe Market does well.

Simba cupcake

Credit: Disney

grilled corn on the cob

Harambe Fruit Market, Africa at Animal Kingdom

Roasted corn-Harambe

Credit: Disney

Did you know that roasted maize drizzled with lime juice, salt or chili powder is a popular street food in East Africa? You didn’t think I was going to talk about African cuisine at Walt Disney World and skip my favorite, did you? Not a chance I’m passing up the opportunity to sing the praises of my favorite Animal Kingdom snack – grilled corn on the cob!

Buy this juicy grilled corn on the cob plain or with African spices rubbed on the golden kernels. Best of all, this snack is only $5.29! There are other bites to sample on the menu at Harambe Fruit Market like whole fruits, muffins and fries, but grilled corn on the cob is the standout at this stall.

Baa Baa Lamb Chops

Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen, Adventureland in Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney Dining

There is African cuisine outside of EPCOT World Showcase and Animal Kingdom. Yes, you can even find delicious African-inspired dishes in the Magic Kingdom! If you’re a fan of lamb chops or looking to try them for the first time, consider ordering Baa Baa Lamb Chops from Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen. Lamb chops are a staple of North African cuisine, so why not enjoy them on vacation? This $38 entrée consists of savory spice rubbed lamb chops served with chermoula, cauliflower, potatoes and cipollini onions. The dish is served with harissa sauce and garnished with candied lemons and savory herbs.

This fun table service restaurant is located in Adventureland near Aloha Island and the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. This jungle cruise-inspired dining opportunity serves up African, Asian, and Latin cuisine that guests love. The menu is full of delicious options like Dan Dan noodles, fish, fried chicken, curry and steak, so you can’t go wrong.

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literally everything

Boma, pavilion of Disney’s Animal Kingdom

carving station

Credit: Disney

Boma ranks on my list of favorite Disney buffets. I love spending an evening shopping at Animal Kingdom Lodge, relaxing by the fire outside the restaurant and of course watching the animals of the savannah. Pair these activities with a delicious buffet and I’m SOLD.

Boma is reminiscent of an African market with a lively design, colorful dishes arranged on the sideboard and tapestries hanging from the ceiling. The buffet is stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, a station with fresh bread and naan, hummus, butter, jam, lentils, beans, and other dipping options. Boma’s flavors are truly some of the best, and this Disney World restaurant is a cut above other buffets at Walt Disney World Resort. I love the fresh blood orange, papaya and avocado salad. Talk about fresh and tasty. Gosh, this dish hits the spot!



We can’t forget the impressive carving station serving oak-roasted pork chops, roast beef and lamb. African dishes like sweet corn pudding, lamb bobotie, Senagalase yassa salmon and tabbouleh fill this menu. Spiced Green Beans with Golden Raisins, Peanut Rice, and those light and delicious Zebra Domes are my favorites from this menu.

Credit: Disney Dining

Boma is comparable to other Disney buffet prices, coming in at around $50 per adult (it can be a little higher during high season), but it’s a great choice because a buffet lets you sample many dishes you wouldn’t risk ordering. menu.

These are just a few of the awesome African dishes that I love at Walt Disney World. Stay tuned for part 2 of this article. There are just too many delicious options (Tusker House, Nomad Lounge or Tiffins, anyone?) to stop here.

Have a good table friends!

Herman C. Harkins